Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Chat transcript from SRM 350
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viswa_ceghi guys!
DRW_ChrisHey folks
yiuyuhowhat does it take to work at DRW?
viswa_cegi am interested in working in DRW
viswa_cegwhat all do u expect from me?
viswa_cegto get into DRW
DRW_Grahamviswa_ceg: what in particular are you interested in?
RaulEnriqueSilyiuyuho: Hi all word
bugzpodderdo you require financial experience in order to work at DRW? If so what kind? (IT/finance math)
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: Thats a pretty far reaching question, so let me see if I can trim the answer down a bit
viswa_cegi heard DRW is a esteemed organisation
lidaobingdo you want to hire people in China or from China?
MalkavaWhat is DRW business about ?
viswa_cegthat made me interested!
FozzHi, Where does DRW have offices?
DRW_Adrianelidaobing: We do hire from outside the US
viswa_cegplease share some interesting facts about DRW
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: can a common programmer like myself enter DRW?
lidaobingDRW_Adriane: thanks
dmytrowill there be job interviews at the tco finals?
kcluneHello everyone.
DRW_Dominicbugzpodder: No financial experience required but it helps. Math skills are also a plus for programmers here.
DRW_AdrianeFozz: we have offices in Chicago, NYC, and London
DRW_GrahamMalkava: DRW is what known as a proprietary trading firm. This means that we have no outside clients and trade only our own money.
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: How do I get an interview?
viswa_ceghello kclune
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: The easiest way to put it is we are looking for intelligent people that are experts in some area
bugzpodderDRW_Dominic: what kind of specific financial skills are you looking for
DRW_Adrianedmytro: We are def able to interview in Vegas
kcluneanyone interested in DRW employment opps. should use that link.
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: Alright, that pretty much rules me
FozzDRW_Adriane: thanks. What platforms are you interested in? All or just .net ro just Java?
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: Thanks for your time
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: follow kclunes link for the application
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: woah woah, one second
DRW_GrahamFozz: Honestly we are looking for general object oriented skills.
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: Yea well, may be in a few years I'll become an expert at something, I'll try again at that time
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: Smart is a pretty general word, if you are looking for specifics in terms of coding abilities, the big things are OOP, multi-threaded programming, quantitative skills.
argonideso why the innterest in algorithms
DRW_GrahamFozz: We primarily code in C++ and C# on Windows and Linux. But we have found that solid developers with experience in other object oriented platforms do just as well.
dmytrowhat kind of multi-threaded programming?
DRW_Dominicbugzpodder: We aren't looking for any specific financial skills. A knowledge of markets and financial products or data is quite useful for most projects.
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: Expert can mean many different things, just need to be passionate about something and run with it.
kcluneDRW_Adriane: Hey Adriane, Jessie just called me and said she's having trouble with her internet connection, so she might not be on this chat tonight.
dmytrocan i be passionate about topcoder?
bugzpodderDRW_Chris: what kind of multi-threaded package experience? eg OpenMP?
DRW_Grahamdmytro: windows and linux multi-threaded programming dealing with several network channels, database connections, and user input simultaneously
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: o ok
FozzDRW_Graham: thank you
Dale_MellorDo you have interest in people from a pure mathematics background, with a leaning towards computing?
FozzDRW_Graham: Do you have any kind of graduate, internship or part time work pogram?
DRW_Dominicargonide: Specifically for algorithmic trading applications. Fast market data and order execution algorithms are essential to compete in electronic markets.
DRW_Chrisbugzpodder: We aren't really looking for specific multi-threaded packages. We are more interested in people with a general prowess in that area
DRW_GrahamFozz: we have internships available
DRW_Chrisbugzpodder: Alot of the systems that we design here have tons of moving parts all of which need to happen in real time, so multi-threaded architechture becomes very important
zhaofu(do_ob)do you provide intern for international student?
DRW_Chrisbugzpodder: Graham just told me I need to learn how to spell.
DRW_Chrisbugzpodder: So clearly thats not all that important for working here.
DRW_DominicDale_Mellor: Our Quantitative group hires people with just that background. We are hiring for QR as well, you should visit our website for more info on the quant and financial engineer jobs.
dmytroWould you hire a European applicant to Chicago office or to London office?
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: you you require a lot of working experience?
kclunewhat opps. do you have in the London office? And are they different than your Chicago and NY offices?
DRW_Chrisdmytro: As a programmer, you will most likely be in Chicago (like 95% sure)
DRW_Chrisyiuyuho: Nope, none. I came in straight out of college, with no background at all in finance.
DRW_Adrianezhaofu(do_ob): go here to the top coder website to drop your resume for us
zhaofu(do_ob)DRW_Adriane: ok, thanks
dmytroI'm finishing my MS this October. Can I start working before the end of this year if I pass my interview at the TCO?
dmytroAnd how much time would it take to prepare all the visa documents?
DRW_Dominickclune: The london and NY offices have opportunities for app support and trading assistants. All programming is done in chicago.
DRW_Adrianekclune: Our London office trades fixed income products, Chicago trades tons of products, NYC trades mostly nat gas and energies
AleksDo you require academic degree? or high school is enough? :)
rngadamCan you talk about how Computational Intelligence is used at DRW?
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: ok, one more question, DRW is sponoring TC events, so what's in TC members that interests DRW?
DRW_Adrianedmytro: The visa docs vary with each case. Usually the turn around isn't longer than a couple of months, but like I said it varies
AbednegoWhich language(s) and operating system(s) do you use for development?
kcluneDRW_Dominic: So, most dev. work will be done in Chicago, correct?
DRW_GrahamAleks: while I do not believe we have any developers without at least a bachelors, we are more interested in development skills than academic credentials
DRW_Chrisrngadam: Well, I can't really say how we use it since it is highly proprietary., but I can tell you it is one of the many tools that we use.
DRW_Dominicyiuyuho: Topcoders are attractive candidates because they are driven, highly skilled, and very competitive - all very desirable and lucrative traits in trading.
DRW_Chrisrngadam: Things like L/XCS, Swarm Optimization, Evo. Prog, etc....those are all interesting
DRW_Adrianebugzpodder: We require a college degree
FMXDRW_Adriane: Apart from Algorithm, what other aspects you look for in the people you want to hire, for example my innovativeness has got international recognition, but i have an average algorithm skill ?
rngadamthanks Chris
modenlWhat's your critiria to consider the candidates?
modenlis 17xx enough to be considerated?
yiuyuhoDRW_Chris: well, thanks, I think I'll go into it!
DRW_Dominickclune: Thats right. All development work is done in Chicago.
DRW_AdrianeFMX: We do look for drive in our candidates. What innovativeness?
vlad_DDRW_Dominic: are there internship for highschool seniors?? (that will graduate in june 07)
dmytroWhat are the internships for?
DRW_Adrianemodenl: We want diverse backgrounds, not looking for anything too specific
DRW_ChrisFMX: Its hard to say we look for x, y, and z. There is alot of work on our sides trying to see how a candidate's skill set fits into what we do here.
FMXDRW_Adriane: innovativeness= New applicable,profitable ideas in different fields. i have been MS hqrts,redmond,AOL headqrts,dulles, bcoz i won idea based development contests rather than algorithm based.
vlad_DDRW_Adriane: are there internship for highschool seniors?? (that will graduate in june 07)?
DRW_Dominicvlad_D: It would have to be an exceptional candidate. We give our interns real work and they have to be prepared to handle it.
vlad_DDRW_Dominic: be prepared in witch way?
DRW_Adrianevlad_D: currently we only offer internships to college candidates
DRW_Adrianevlad_D: sorry :(
shazbotusCould you explain what day-to-day activities are like (both for a developer there or for other types of workers)?
vlad_DDRW_Dominic: what do you mean by exceptional candidate... and in witch way to be prepared? ...
DRW_Chrisdmytro: They can be working on any number of things, regardless of what it is, it will be used in production. We aren't hiring interns to sit and read a book for 3 months, we want to give them a chance to surprise us.
FMXDRW_Adriane: i am about to graduate in june-end, am i eligible for an internship ?
bugzpodderDRW_Adriane: so you do have internship opportunities? (sorry I missed part of the chat)
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: things change day to day, we work in a very dynamic environment
vinay.emaniDRW_Adriane: hello. Does DRW have an office in India?
DRW_Chrisdmytro: For instance, one of the intern projects this summer is for someone to re-write a pricing service that goues out to the whole firm.
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: sometimes you will be sitting with traders to help determine exactly what they need
DRW_AdrianeFMX: It sounds like you have done a lot with your career. We look at all types of candidates, I think expierence helps in your case.
DRW_Chrisdmytro: goes*
Dale_MellorDo you staff have a time percentage to work on their own ideas, or is it 100% on assigned tasks?
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: other days you will be working with other developers on coding, code reviews, design reviews, or testing
modenlDRW_Adriane: simply say, what shall I do to be considerate?
DRW_Adrianevinay.emani: Not yet, but we are def looking into it
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: some days may involve researching a new technology or framework
vinay.emaniDRW_Adriane: oh, ok.
shazbotusDRW_Graham: What kinds of applications do the developers build?
vinay.emaniDRW_Adriane: Do you people take fresh graduates?
FMXDRW_Adriane: no, i am just an undergraduate graduating in june,2007.Those achievements are a result of innovativeness being honoured.
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: we work on the entire application stack: database programming, network programming, gui programming, algorithmic design, quantitative library programming, etc.
DRW_Adrianevinay.emani: Yes! We take people right out of school and exp candidates
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: client-server
FMXDRW_Adriane: In case a NON-US citizen is found suitable, is DRW sponsoring WORK VISAS ?
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: multi-server with failover
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: clustering
DRW_AdrianeFMX: Yes, we offer sponsorships
bugzpodderwhere do we apply for DRW?
m4risUWhat languages do you prefer?
DRW_ChrisDale_Mellor: It isn't a set amount of time, but we push our programmers to come up with new ideas and implement them during office hours. Alot of our business hinges on a steady flow of new ideas so the entire atmosphere here is very condusive to looking
flozellDRW_Graham: how much money can i make at drw?
vlad_DDRW_Dominic: ok
DRW_Grahamflozell: not a penny
flozellDRW_Adriane: what is the work environment like?
DRW_Adrianeflozell: we pay very competitively with the street
rashidkhanDRW_Adriane: Do you have Summer Internship offers for international students?
shazbotusDRW_Graham: Thank you...I'm off to take a short break before the coding begins! :)
DRW_Adrianeflozell: work environment is awesome. young people, all very motivated, all very smart, all team players
firehellThere are no more H-visas until October 2008. How are you going to hire somebody if you like him?
vinay.emaniDRW_Adriane: i have another question. while hiring fresh graduates, what factors play mosr important role?
DRW_Chrism4risU: Most of our coders work in C#, C++ or Java, but we leave that decision up the the developer that is writing the code. If they can make a case for a certain language, there is no reason not to let them choose.
connect4drw_Guys: I suppose I must ask the important question that is on everyone's mind here.
DRW_Adrianerashidkhan: we do offer summer internship to international students
connect4drw_Guys: How is your company softball team, and do you need a 3rd baseman?
DRW_Chrism4risU: Generally C# for trading front ends though.
DRW_Chrisconnect4: Umm we do ok.
Dale_MellorDRW_Chris: ... and do the ideas have to be realized quickly with immediate turn-around, or do you do more speculative research taking a year or two, say?
kcluneconnect4: great question.
DRW_Chrisconnect4: We are sponsored by one of the exchanges we use, and they take everyone out after the games, so its more "fun" then "winning"
rashidkhanDRW_Adriane: How can I apply for Summer Internship?
modenlDRW_Chris: May I have your email?
DRW_Chrisconnect4: And Im sure we could use a 3rd baseman.
DRW_Adrianevinay.emani: we want motivated people, smart people, and people who will fit in our organization. Do you want specifics like languages used?
DRW_Chrisconnect4: Haha, thats a great question.
shazbotusDRW_Graham: Oh, sorry, another quick question: Where in Chicago are your developers located? Downtown?
DRW_Adrianerashidkhan: currently we don't have any openings for summer interns, but you can always visit our website and drop your resume. For full time ops, go through the topcoder website.
connect4DRW_Chris: Good to know! Have you guys considered hiring Alex Rodriguez? I hear that he's good at Trading-related stuff, and he might be interested in that opening if I don't take it!
firehellDRW_Chris: There are no more H-visas until October 2008. How are you going to hire somebody if you like him?
DRW_ChrisDale_Mellor: Dominic and I work in the Algorithmic trading group, some of the ideas can take a year to pan out and some happen over night. Bottom line we know the problems that we are trying to solve are difficult, as do the partners
DRW_Dominicconnect4: I'm not sure we can meet the pricetag.
DRW_ChrisDale_Mellor: So they give us the time necessary
rngadamwhat kind of hardware do you use right now? clusters? big Sun servers?
DRW_ChrisDale_Mellor: And failing is ok, as long as you learn from it and keep moving foward
DRW_Grahamrngadam: mostly blade servers running Linux and Windows Server 2003
DRW_Chrisfirehell: Given the right candidate we are open to most anything.
DRW_Dominicshazbotus: Developers are located in the Loop downtown half a block from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and a couple blocks from the CBOT.
connect4DRW_Guys: and now for a slightly more serious question, how are your medical benefits?
rngadamWould you say more Linux or more Windows?
DRW_Dominicshazbotus: With most of the traders and the research team.
DRW_Grahamrngadam: front end is more Windows
flozellDRW_Adriane: i hear there is a game room at drw
flozellDRW_Adriane: what is that like?
DRW_Grahamrngadam: back end is currently more Windows, but we are slowly migrating to Linux for the back-end
DRW_Adrianeconnect4: currently we have BlueCross BlueShield, HMO and PPO options
srik_samaDRW_Chris: Can you elaborate?
skabra_05I am looking for Full Time Software developer position and graduating this September
DRW_Adrianeconnect4: a great dental plan
DRW_Chrisflozell: Its pretty nice, a partner basically threw a credit card down on my desk and said make the room cool
DRW_Adrianeconnect4: and a bunch of pre-tax spending options
slexDRW_Dominic: Where you you use your trading algorithms? On FOREX
skabra_05when does your recruiting cycle begins
rngadamthats nice... Is deployment also the responsability of the software team or do you have a separate group for that?
DRW_Grahamrngadam: separate team
DRW_Grahamrngadam: we have a build engineer
DRW_Grahamrngadam: a configuration engineer
DRW_Chrisflozell: We have a huge plasma, think like 60some inches with xbox 360 and wii connected, a golden tee machine, pool table, ping pong, foosball, poker tables.
DRW_Grahamrngadam: in fact we have a whole technical operations team
m4risUquality assurance?
shazbotusHow knowledgable do you have to be with economics and financial things?
m4risUdo you also have quality assurance positions?
DRW_Adrianem4risU: Yes, we have QA
DRW_Grahamm4risU: yes we also have a quality assurance team that performs automated and manual testing
rngadamare tech-ops outside consultants or also employees? how close do they work with the dev?
DRW_Grahamshazbotus: None
kcluneflozell: I've been there. It's really cool. But you have to earn it :-)
m4risUDRW_Adriane: Any specific software do you need for QA? Like TestComplete or any other platform?
DRW_Dominicslex: We trade electronically on most CME products (mostly fixed income, forex and commodities), as well as most of the other primary electionic exchanges worldwide. (I can't be more specific than that...)
rngadamabout tests: do you use TDD methodology?
DRW_Grahamm4risU: we use mostly mercury (now HP) software for QA
DRW_Chrissrik_sama: There isn't much more to say about it. Just that there is alot of red tape in making certain hires due to visa reasons, etc...if the candidate is a superstar our partners are open to trying to make it work out. Each candidate is different.
DRW_Grahamm4risU: however experience with a particular QA platform is not necessary to be considered for a position
DRW_Grahamrngadam: some use TDD others just unit test, but unit testing definitely important here
zhaofu(do_ob)kclune: will we have access to this chat contents from TC site ?
Dale_MellorYou keep talking about partners; are these individual people who hire and fire at their own whim?
srik_samaDRW_Chris: ok. Thanks.
iruletDRW_Graham: what does DRW do?
DRW_GrahamDale_Mellor: the partners at DRW are very approachable
DRW_GrahamDale_Mellor: they are not cut throat and would not let someone go without just cause
kclunezhaofu(do_ob): Yes, for anyone who missed any portion of this chat, the entire chat session will be posted on in a few days for you to check out.
Dale_MellorHow many partners are there?
DRW_GrahamDale_Mellor: 8 partners
rngadamChris: thanks, I'm happy to read that...
zhaofu(do_ob)kclune: great ;)
m4risUDRW_Graham: So what type of skills are necessary to get into QA position?
DRW_Dominicirulet: We are a proprietary trading firm. A full description is available on our website
flozellDRW_Adriane: is there a cafeteria at work or do people go out to lunch?
DRW_Grahamm4risU: We are looking for aptitude in breaking software. Additionally skills with automated testing is a plus.
DRW_Grahamm4risU: (for QA)
DRW_Adrianeflozell: FREE LUNCH!!!
flozellDRW_Adriane: really? is it any good?
DRW_Chrisflozell: Fully stocked with drinks and snacks all through the day. Full catered lunch every day, made by a really nice cafe here in the city.
DRW_Adrianeflozell: We had grilled salmon, rice, almond green beans two days ago
DRW_Grahamflozell: And we have a fridge just for Naked Juice
flozellDRW_Chris: wow, sounds a lot like google
m4risUDRW_Graham: hacking experience considered?
bugzpoddercatered lunch is a really good way of getting employees to not waste any time during lunch hours
DRW_Chrisflozell: For the first day of the NCAA bball toury this year one of the partners bought 1500 wings from buffalo wild wings...that was a good lunch.
DRW_Adrianebugzpodder: DRW is pretty social though, we have a lunch room if you do want a break
bugzpodderof course, but I am just saying.. catered lunch keeps both employees and employer happy
DRW_Adrianeflozell: I ate 20 wings and no one thought I could do it
DRW_Chrisflozell: If you have never seen 1500 buffalo wings in one place, its quite the site.
bugzpoddertoo bad wings get cold if they don't get finished fast
DRW_Dominicbugzpodder: Its definitely not about squeezing hours out of people, otherwise I'm sure they wouldn't have bought the goldentee, wii, xbox360, pingpong and pool tables ;)
DRW_Adrianebugzpodder: there aren't leftovers often...haha
bugzpodderwow, nice stuff
cintamaniWhere is DRW?
flozellDRW_Adriane: do people hang out after work? are there company outings?
DRW_Adrianecintamani: Our main location in Chicago, but we also have offices in NYC and London
DRW_Grahamflozell: I actually live with 2 coworkers
DRW_Grahamflozell: so we definitely hang out after work
DRW_Adrianeflozell: Yeah, actually next week we have a wine tasting in the office
DRW_Chrisflozell: Are game room fills up at the end of the day with people just hanging out
DRW_Chrisflozell: Our*
DRW_Adrianeflozell: We have yoga class twice a week for those who want to join
bugzpodderhows work environment like? do you have a big office with a lot of employees?
kclunewhy should TC members seriously consider working for DRW instead of say, oh, I don't know Google?
argonidedo you have lava lamps?
rngadamDo you ever talk to Mr Wilson?
bugzpodderif there are 1500 wings for lunch, i'd think your office is pretty large
DRW_Chrisflozell: Graham and I went to vegas with a few other guys from DRW a couple weekends ago...we hang out alot together.
vahemDo you have intership positions for students studying not in the United States?
DRW_Chrisrngadam: His name is Don ;)
DRW_Adrianebugzpodder: Work envrionment is awesome, the office isn't too big..less than 200 employees in Chicago. But we are growing
rngadamChris: ok, thats sound relaxed ;-)
cintamanifewer than 200 employees
DRW_Adrianevahem: Yes we have internships for students not in the US
DRW_Chrisargonide: Nope, that could change though.
bugzpodderyeah thats a good thing about working in Chicago.. In NYC the office are often so crowded because land is too expansive
bugzpodderor in fact, anywhere but NYC
DRW_Adrianecintamani: Yep
dmytroDRW_Adriane: somebody mentioned that there are problems with H visas. does that apply to internships also?
vahemDRW_Adriane: I am turning 18 on June the 7th, and live in Armenia, but I consider relocating for an internship. What positions(and where) does DRW have for me?
kclunewe just had a bunch of people just join us in this chat. Please go to the link I will put up next if you are interested in an great career opportunity.
DRW_Adrianebugzpodder: we are actually looking to expand our office soon because of our growth
argonidei'd love an internship position in any company/organization
kclunethey are working on some really cool stuff.
dy31how to regist?
DRW_Chriskclune: There are two main reasons the types of problems we approach on a daily basis are far more complex than what Google and the likes are working on. Our business is putting us up against the smartest people in the world in the fastest moving game in
DRW_Adrianevahem: Our summer program has already started, but you can visit our website to check out our internship positions
m4risUDRW_Graham: Hmm, I can prepare more details next time. I'm not leaving TC until i learn to some good scores, I'm just starting here
vlad_Dtc_flo: o ajuns baietii in ro??
Margaritady31: click active contest -> first line -> register
DRW_Chriskclune: No offense to the bigger companies, but a problem isn't really hard until you put a time frame on it like the ones we see
vahemDRW_Adriane: Thanks. Should I visit
kcluneDRW_Chris: That is great.
DRW_Chriskclune: The second reason is the recognition, bigger firms, no matter what industry, are black holes for entry level people. Your work is lost in the mix and its hard to have a major impact.
connect4DRW_Guys: Thank you very much for handling all of our (extraordinarily unusual) questions tonight!
DRW_Chriskclune: At DRW everything you do is going to be on the front lines. And responsibility isn't a function of your tenure here, its all about how good you are at what you are doing.
connect4And for the record, if jmpld40 includes my questions about Alex Rodriguez in the chat transcript, I would like it officially on the record that I am not a Yankees fan.
DRW_Dominicconnect4: lol
jmpld40connect4: too late :)
jmpld40connect4: i have proof you are
CenteriusWe can't register, can we?
DRW_Chriskclune: For instance, Dominic and I along with a trader started the algorithmic trading group after we had been here for like 1.5 years. Graham is managing all GUI developers about 2.5 years into his work here.
CenteriusI missed registration by 30 seconds =(
connect4jmpld40: Dang, now I'm gonna hafta submit my pic with my Sox cap to prove otherwise :(
nikola_borisof1Swetko: kade si
jmpld40connect4: you're talking to a big time yanks fan, one of the only ones in the office - we'll just photo shop it ;)
kcomeHi Centerius
DRW_Chriskclune: Its a pretty good feeling to be able to walk into the owners office and tell him what he should be doing to make more money.
SynxGo A's!
jmpld40Thanks DRW folks!
nikola_borisof1Swetko: da ne spish da propusnesh TC
DEBEDbhow come it doesn't show register
kcomei just catch the reg 20 sec before close
DEBEDbit didn't since before 5:55
Centeriusregistrarion closes 5 minutes before contest
DEBEDbI thought I came in earlier
dmytroThank you DRW guys, till next time.
connect4jmpld40: ok, you have now convinced me to not submit a photo :)
DRW_ChrisThanks all for coming, good luck in the tourny
CenteriusI forgot about the contest and hurried up, but I was 30 seconds late
connect4Thanks again, DRW_Guys
kcluneDRW_Chris: I agree, and if anyone is interested in making an impact in the software development field, and really in the stock markets, this is a great company to apply to.
rngadamChris: thanks!
kcluneThanks DRW folks.
kclunegood luck to everyone left in the chat.
DRW_ChrisBut please pose questions on the top coder message board first so everyone can see the questions
DRW_Adrianedmytro: Awesome, stop by our booth! I'll be there.
DRW_DominicThanks for the questions.
dmytroDRW_Adriane: ok, see you there :)
kcluneThanks Dominic, Chris, Graham, and Adriane.
kcluneIt was a great chat session.
DRW_GrahamThank you