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athenachu71AOL_Greg: does AOL has opportuinities in the UK for graduate students?
athenachu71AOL_Greg: the weather is very nice in my place (Nottingham)
anand_nalyaAOL_Greg: hi, i believe u r the AOL representative here
Minnyand what about the US of A
AOL_Gregathenachu71: I would hope so
athenachu71AOL_Greg: as you said, just in the mood for chatting, no coding yet
AOL_Dukegood evening Mr. Greg
AOL_GregMinny: We have job openings all over the world
athenachu71AOL_Greg: how's about ones in Dublin? are they permanent opportunities?
MinnyAOL_Greg: Thank you, that's great, greg
lidaobingAOL_Greg: for example, I am a Chinese, and I lived in mainland China, Can I join AOL?
AOL_Gregathenachu71: Definitely Dublin opportunities
MinnyAOL_Duke: good evening, Duke
AOL_Gregathenachu71: I am here at the conference with a Tech Manager from the Dublin office
MinnyAOL_Duke: are you in Bangalore?
athenachu71AOL_Greg: I'm going to graduate this June, should I apply now?
AOL_DukeNo. I am in Dulles, Virginia
AOL_Gregathenachu71: Excellent question, to me there is never a bad time to apply, but I am not from the Human Resources group
MinnyAOL_Duke: so why would you say good evening :)
athenachu71AOL_Greg: I'm very interested in Search Applications (Search 7.0)
AOL_Gregathenachu71: Interesting the manager I am here with is all about SEO
athenachu71AOL_Greg: very nice! :)
athenachu71AOL_Greg: can I know what's the set of skills should I possess to apply for it?
lidaobingAOL_Greg: for example, I am a Chinese, and I lived in mainland China, Can I join AOL?
AOL_Gregathenachu71: for SEO? hmmm...probably the basics like SQL/db, LINUX, c++, js
kcluneHi everyone.
athenachu71AOL_Greg: what does SEO stand for?
AOL_Gregathenachu71: search engine optimization
athenachu71AOL_Greg: :)
AOL_Greglidaobing: Depends I believe on citizenship...I am not from Human Resources, so I am not sure exactly what the rules are regarding citzenship
lidaobingAOL_Greg: thanks
athenachu71AOL_Greg: does it require advanced algorithm skill?
AOL_Greglidaobing: sorry.
athenachu71AOL_Greg: what are the advantages of applicants?
AOL_Gregathenachu71: It obviously helps
chamiyaHello everyone. :-)
AOL_Gregathenachu71: not sure I follow...we look for the best of the best as always
raviupreti85AOL_Duke: hello
Malkavawhat's web 3.0 ?
chamiyaAOL_Duke: Any internship opportunities at AOL for overseas college students?
athenachu71AOL_Greg: Must I have working permit to work in Dublin?
kinoMalkava: sounds like a marketing buzzword
athenachu71AOL_Greg: I'm Vietnam citizen
AOL_GregHi everyone, my name is Greg Cypes, I am one of the lead engineers on AIM. I have worked on AIM for almost 8 years. Today I am going to try and share my thoughts on what's next for social engineering
AOL_GregIf you have questions please go ahead and ask them
zephyr19What is the scope of social engineering.. I mean what way do you define it?
MalkavaAOL_Greg: what do you mean by "Web 3.0" ?
AOL_Gregif I can't get to all of them you can ask them via my blog
AOL_GregSo Web 3.0
rohitgupta14Do u recruit freshers in India
AOL_Gregbasically web 3.0 is going to be taking web content that requires an always on connection and moving it to be accessible offline
AOL_Gregfor example
kinoDoes AOL still call themselves "America on-line" I mean we live in an internationalized web world now
AOL_DukeLook at our sponsor site that will have job opportunity links that we will be updating throughout the TCO sponsorship
AOL_Gregif you use Flickr and want to make changes to pictures you took
AOL_Gregyou have to do that online
AOL_Gregwhat happens when we move that content offline, and sync later when your connection is back.
athenachu71AOL_Greg: do you mean it's kind of reverse direction of basic Server-Client architecture?
MalkavaAOL_Greg: I see.. and does Web 3.0 has any implicity technology to be built, like AJAX for Web 2.0 ?
AOL_GregFirefox 3.0 will be the first browser that really can bridge this gap
athenachu71AOL_Greg: there, clients no longer request data
AOL_GregI think you might seeing some AJAX-y like code running client side while offline
AOL_Dukekino: AOL is no longer America On Line
AOL_GregBasically. I can download a DOM some CSS etc, and can do my work offline
AOL_Gregthen queue my syncs later on
athenachu71AOL_Greg: instead of, servers suggest data that clients are interested in
MalkavaAOL_Greg: Yeah sure
MalkavaAOL_Greg: thanks
AOL_GregHow this has implication in the social world is huge
AOL_Gregimagine doing updates to your Facebook page offline while flying on a plane
rmatAOL_Greg: wouldn't you expect situations in which people are offline to get rarer as time goes by?
athenachu71AOL_Greg: yes, I agree that the role of browsers in this scenario is very important
AOL_Gregor being able to send IMs while offline, basically little notes as reminders later that get pushed to the network when the connection comes back is huge
kcluneAOL_Greg: Where is this development being done?
ShaoyeAOL_Greg: Than? Sync it when you get off the plane?
AOL_GregIn the US, or for that matter in the UK, where I am right now, we will have tons of open space that will not be covered by wimax
AOL_Gregyes sync after you get off the plane
athenachu71AOL_Greg: who (here) should I contact to if I want to apply to AOL Dublin?
ertyAOL_Greg: Will Microsoft support this technology?
ShaoyeAOL_Greg: It sound like offline web dev. Is there any difference?
kcluneathenachu71: H Harry.
kcluneathenachu71: me
AOL_GregFor example I am paying 40USD a day for internet here in the UK...that is harsh, personally I do not want to spend any more $$ on internet
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in opportunities should go to the Topcoder website and apply
kcluneathenachu71: but more importantly, everyone should apply here:
AOL_GregAh, Microsoft will have to adapt
ertyAOL_Greg: I hope so :)
AOL_GregWell I think offline web development is well under way...of course it is not done in HTML
AOL_Gregthink the Flickr Uploader
rmatAOL_Greg: so will websites have to be Web3.0 enabled or is this something the browser will implement totally? (like some sort of web based 'expect'??
AOL_Gregbut the idea that we have lastFm running in the background keeping track of my music I am listening to, then uploading my playlist to the web once my connection returns is very compelling IMO
AOL_GregI should caveat everything I am saying as this is not the official Web 3.0 stance
AOL_Gregbut, I believe it will be an option to each website
AOL_Gregfor example
AOL_GregGoogle Finance may implement portfolio editing offline
AOL_Gregwhile Yahoo chooses not to allow that
ShaoyeAOL_Greg: sound like you are part of the web
AOL_CarlHello - anyone interested in hearing more about our opportunities should go to
AOL_GregWell thank you Shaoye but I think mine is only an opinion...of course this is also a vision I have of where we can take the web and make it easier to use, consume and participate at all times
AOL_CarlWe look for fresh ideas at all levels of experience. Existing skills are not mandatory for all of AOL's positions (they are for some of the higher-level ones for obvious reasons) but passion and ability to think and learn are most important.
AOL_GregOne thing I see happening is the move to disagregation among social networking sites
royappaAOL_Greg: this is interesting, but to play devil's advocate for a moment, isn't the future moving towards an "always on, everywhere accesible, massive bandwidth hypernet" of some sort?
AOL_Gregfor example, MySpace and Facebook, or AIM Pages or Orkut are the catch all for social interaction
AOL_GregI think there will be more specialized web sites that break out and become your network
sql_lallroyappa: hopefully that leads to abandoning client-server :)
royappaAOL_Greg: To use your example, high speed internet access is being planned for airlines...
ertyAOL_Greg: I think future of web 3.0 will be determined by the adoption among users
AOL_Gregessentially to help you avoid the crunk you are not interested in, we develop a social network for people who are only interested in cats owners who are redskin fans, who also love popcorn
alecn2002AOL_Greg: Is there any resource on the web where Web 3.0 is somehow defined?
AOL_Gregto answer the always on connection question
AOL_GregI think that we will see an always on world...and even places as remote as the middle of the mohave desert will have internet
Nedy88AOL_Greg: let's take an example of a forum. Someone aks a question and some people read it but then go offline. They all decide to answer and after a some time the guy with the question receive many same answers
AOL_Gregbut the challenge of cost is the limiting factor
Nedy88AOL_Greg: how will you cope with this
AOL_Greghow does that work now...I do a blog post and 10 people respond instantly
AOL_GregI read the comments as fast as they come in
AOL_Gregone last comment on always on
AOL_Gregthere are times where I want to be doing something for my web page but do not want to appear online or actve
alecn2002AOL_Greg: Hehe, Mohave desert... Did you ever see the middle of Siberian tundra? :-P (me - not BTW :)) )
AOL_Gregthe idea of always on scares the average user due to privacy and security concerns
AOL_Gregif we remove our technology cap for a second
rmatPeople keep asking what Web 3.0 is. I think maybe when you've got
rmatan overlay of scalable vector graphics - everything rippling and folding and looking misty - on Web 2.0 and access to a semantic Web integrated across a huge space of data, you'll have access to an unbelievable data resource.
rmat-- TBL (
AOL_Greghow many people do you know who shut off their computer of at night?
rmathmm ... that went out in three lines .. it wasn't me ... Tim Berners Lee .
ertyAOL_Greg: i shut off :)
AOL_Gregbut see the unbelievable data is the HUGE problem
AOL_Gregon AIM we allow for 1000 buddies on your buddy list
AOL_Gregin many ways that is TOO MANY
AOL_Gregto many data points leads to confusion, so it is our jobs as engineers to simplfy the data and give the average user a fighting chance to find what they are looking for...and here is the key point
AOL_Gregfrom a trustworthy source
AOL_Gregbuilding in reputation into search results is important
athenachu71AOL_Greg: is what you're talking about relevant to a lot of AI stuffs?
Jedi_KnightAOL_Greg: Is there any resource about web 3.0?
kinodoesn't google already do that by determining how many people link to a site (which is a measure of trustworthiness in some ways) among other things
AOL_Gregyeah, but see we have the makings of good reputation systems now
AOL_Gregfor example, EBay or SPAM systems
AOL_Gregall have Databases of who can be trusted and who can't
AOL_GregCan I trust Greg on answering AIM questions?
AOL_CarlTo find out more about AOL, please log on to :
AOL_GregHopefully a browser can say yes
AOL_Gregwhat do you think web 3.0 is going to be
AOL_Gregor better yet
sql_lallAOL_Greg: how dangerous are false positives here?
AOL_Gregwhat do you want to see out of the web in the next year?
AOL_Gregfalse positives are hard to deal with...part of me says we do a good job of it now
AOL_GregEBay ratings are scammed from time to time
AOL_Gregbut for the most part it works
griffonWhat does Web 3.0 mean?
AOL_GregWhat do you think it means griffon? To me it means continuing to get data I care about
AOL_Gregand giving me a way of contributing my content either offline or online
kcluneAOL_Greg: So, Greg, You're obviously pretty excited about what AOL is doing, and everyone I've met at AOL is excited about it too, what are some reasons TC members should consider working at AOL rather than say Google, or Yahoo?
kinoSorry for asking but how is this supposed to get income?
AOL_GregIf you want to have major impact on the direction of open standards and continue to change the face of the web AOL is the place for you
griffonAOL_Greg: and what's the difference between 2.0 and 3.0. it seems to me I mean by 2.0 nearly the same.
AOL_GregAt AOL we work closely with IETF, Microformats, etc. AOL is also the king when it comes to social engineering
AOL_Gregand that is why I work at AOL...I write code that 4 generations of my family use
AOL_GregI solve for the most technical users (you guys) and for beginners
AOL_Gregand on AIM we have done a good job of reaching both
AOL_Gregthe big difference between what I think web 2.0 vs web 3.0
AOL_Gregis going to be how content is aggregated, see The Hype Machine as an example
AOL_Gregand how users interact with the data
AOL_Gregand who they interact with
AOL_Gregif web 2.0 is about consolidating the disparate data...then I believe Web 3.0 will do the same for the social world
kcluneif anyone likes what they hear so far, please check out other opportunities with AOL here, and apply to their open positions at the bottom of the page:
code_rasherwhat is IETF, Microformats ??
sql_lallAOL_Greg: moving from O(Client * Server) connections to O(Client * Client)? :p
AOL_Gregthink Second Life breaking itself into States, or Counties, or Cities or towns
griffonAOL_Greg: so web 3.0 is a commonly used term? probably there is some place, where I can read about it?
AOL_GregI would look at wikipedia, or programable web
griffonAOL_Greg: unfortunately I don't know what The Hype Machine is
AOL_Gregweb 3.0 is mentioned there a lot
AOL_Greggriffon try a google search for The Hype Machine and try it out
tywokkclune: What do you mean other opportunities? With other companies?
AOL_Gregit is an aggreagator of music content, but it does more than that
natmasterspeaking of microformats, is AOL working with Mozilla in that regard?
tywokkclune: I am looking just for a summerjob, I am just in 2nd year of university
AOL_Carltywok - other opportunities within AOL
AOL_Gregwe work closely with mozilla and other folks in the standards world
griffonAOL_Greg: hmm< no article about web 3.0 in wikipedia
kcluneI believe AOL is looking for interns this summer.
AOL_GregAIM Pages is built using DoJo and microformats
kclunetywok: Please go to
AOL_CarlWe are starting our recruitment efforts for summer interns. If you want to hear more about a summer internship, please go to:
kclunetywok: to apply.
tywokok, i'll do! Thanks!
AOL_Gregone thing to follow closely is how DRM starts creeping into the conversation on data
AOL_Gregthere is already a microformat for copywriting YOUR material
roypalaciosshould applicants be from US?
AOL_Gregapplying copywrites may sound anti-open web
kcluneAOL_Carl: Carl, I know this is a little off topic, but can you tell the folks a little bit about the internship program you a have available?
AOL_Gregbut in reality it will become more and more necessary. Copywrites will help aggregators know what content is allowed to be reproduced and what cant
kcluneAOL_Carl: also, can you tell the folks where your offices are located?
AOL_GregGoogle depends upon that heavily in their GIS for example
AOL_Gregso i asked before, but would love to know
AOL_Gregwhat do You guys want from the web...what works for you and what does not?
AOL_Gregthere are no wrong answers here
sql_lallAOL_Greg: not what you're looking for, but getting rid of badly designed sites would be useful
AOL_CarlFor those interested in our summer internship program, please inquire now.
AOL_Gregfor me, I found that searching MSDN using MSFT's is much better than Google search now
slexsql_lall: and agressive poping up ads
AOL_Greggetting rid of lame websites is a great start
rohitgupta14AOL_Carl: what are the locations where internship opportunities are available
LintNo need to get rid of the sites, that's what filters are for.
AOL_CarlOur program starts around the beginning of June and lasts until the end of August. We have positions available for undergrads as well as MBA's
sql_lallAOL_Greg: but more in your area - alerts. e.g. being able to register yourself as a listener
AOL_GregDo you think advertisers are too aggresive with Flash or Video ds?
sql_lallAOL_Greg: (like rss, but without having to poll the feed)
AOL_CarlWe will be taking on interns in Dulles, NY,California, and Bangalore
LintGreg, yes. I have disabled Flash.
rohitgupta14AOL_Carl: How do we apply for internships in balgalore
AOL_Gregthrough the Open AIM SDK, both client SDK and web APIS (available on you can view how we do RSS with our users
rohitgupta14AOL_Carl: and what will be the duration
AOL_Gregbasically each user is an RSS feed
kcluneFor those of you who don't know, AOL is based in Dulles, Virginia, which is about 25 miles west of Washington DC.
AOL_Gregwhere we notify people who have that user listed as a contact, when they have uploaded pics to Flickr, or updated their profile
AOL_CarlAnyone interested in internship opportunities go to:
MajjjAOL_Carl: how about foreign nationals
AOL_GregI think the ad model for Web 2.0 is not exactly correct. I wrote on my blog about this a week or two ago...
AOL_Gregto summerize it
AOL_Gregi said that i never see ads that appeal to me on the web
AOL_Gregwell one reason is I use AdBlock
alex.soaresAOL_Greg:Does AOL hire people from other countries or just americans?
AOL_CarlTo be considered for jobs in the U.S. you must be a US citizen, or have a perm green card.
AOL_Gregbut the other is that AOL or Yahoo or Google has never asked me what I am interested in
AOL_Gregand that is a shame
sql_lallAOL_Greg: would you buy anything from a web ad?
AOL_Gregheck yeah, if it was something i wanted
AOL_Gregfor example
AOL_CarlFor those who joined us, check out all of AOL's opportunities at:
MyNameIsKodaexamples can be plenty of course :)
AOL_Gregif I was fired an alert or coupon from a local pizza joint at 1130AM to get a $1 off a slice of pizza at lunch that day only
kcluneAOL_Carl: There is an "apply" button at the bottom of the page.
AOL_GregI would totally dig that ad
LintIf I'm looking for something and I happen to receive an ad for it at that time, I'd buy from it. If checking my e-mail and I get the same ad, no. :)
AOL_Gregthe idea is we never really ask what interests the user without making it feel like we will use it against them later
sql_lallAOL_Greg: you could sign up to discount alerts from your pizza place instead ;)
AOL_Gregand how many people think about signing up?
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: is there a place for statistics majors in AOL?
AOL_Gregthe reason you have ads in the first place is to implant a message in the viewers brain
AOL_Gregsometimes it is meant to generate an immediate response
AOL_CarlWe look for fresh ideas at all levels of experience. Existing skills are not mandatory for all of AOL's positions (they are for some of the higher-level ones for obvious reasons) but passion and ability to think and learn are most important.
AOL_Gregother times it is used to implant a thought in the back of your mind later on
AOL_Gregthe web world concentrates all of its efforts at the front of your brain so you take immediate action
kcluneAOL_Greg: How do you handle new devlopers who have new ideas?
AOL_Gregyet they don't show me anything that i want to click on
AOL_GregOn my team, new ideas are allowed to be worked on actively
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: good
AOL_Gregbasically engineers are allowed to used their time to experiment
AOL_Gregand test
kcluneAOL_Greg: cool.
AOL_Gregcheck out my Ambient Messaging plugin for AIM
AOL_GregI did that during my work time
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: where do i find it?
ArcanaDooDleZsaarixx: hi
AOL_Gregmy blog
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: thanks
kcluneOne last time, anyone interested in exploring a great new opportunity with AOL, should go here:
saarixxArcanaDooDleZ: hi
AOL_Gregit mashes up the context of your IM conversation with Flickr photos
AOL_Gregthat was an idea I had, so I just built it
ArcanaDooDleZsaarixx: Shedal reminded me
AOL_Gregit took me a day or two
supernovaAOL_Duke: cool
sql_lallAOL_Greg: you're happy for an ad engine to know what you want?
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: not always
AOL_Gregand I released it via my blog...AOL just lets me do it
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: anyway thanks
roypalaciosgood luck
AOL_GregAd engines better get smarter otherwise the money that we have received in this web 2.0 boom will dry up like a desert
AOL_GregAdvertisers will figure out sooner or later that people do not pay attention to their ads
roypalaciosoh, i agree that
sql_lallAOL_Greg: hopefully sooner
ertyAOL_Greg: that is true
AOL_GregIt is our job as developers to solve that problem by building smarter ad engines and by making sure that we build best in breed tools for marketing people
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: ambient messaging looks cool on your blog
MyNameIsKodaAOL_Greg: will try it out soon
AOL_Gregthx for the props on Ambient Messaging
AOL_GregWell good luck to everyone today on the competition
AOL_GregIf you want to check out more of what we are doing at AOL
kcluneAOL_Greg: Thank you Greg, and everyone else from AOL.
AOL_DukeGreg...Thanks for joining us today
AOL_Gregplease check out
jmpld40Thanks Greg, great chat
AOL_CarlIf you are just joining us, check out our exciting opportunities at:
jmpld40thanks Duke, Gray and Carl as well
AOL_Gregor my blog
kclunejmpld40: Yes, thank you all.
athenachu71thank you, all from AOL and Topcoder
MyNameIsKodathanks everyone from AOL
athenachu71kclune: thank you, Kevin. See you soon.
AOL_CarlThanks everyone for joining in. Until next time !!
AOL_GregKeep building great stuff guys...AOL, and others have really empowered everyone to create some great things, and I personally am willing to help you out
AOL_Gregso do not hesitate to ask