SRM 312 Chat Transcript

raghibkhan_786hello everybody..
AlpinistHello AOL_Patrick
iaroslavHi AOL_ALL :)
dskloetI thought AOL is an ISP.
S_A_R_O_Jhey all
AOL_CarlHello Everyone
AOL_Naveedmade it
AOL_Shawndskloet: We're evolving.
AOL_Naveedthe email had ended up in my spam folder
S_A_R_O_Jwell what is the idea behind this contest !!! being sponsered ??
AOL_PatrickNever really just been an ISP - you always need to have a reason for people to actually get online so we've always done a lot of dev on client and hosted products
dskloetAOL_Patrick: I see, I only know AIM. What else is there?
AOL_ShawnMy personal favorite.
selmantayyarHi, does AOL look for java developers, or, what technology do you use?
S_A_R_O_Jwell ??
mikeS_A_R_O_J: are you asking why AOL is sponsoring the Collegiate Challenge?
diecastdskloet: Didnt you know, AOL is also the world's largest supplier of free coasters
AOL_ShawnJava for the host side and JavaScript,XHTML,CSS for the client side.
AOL_CarlYes we look for Java developers as well as WebLogic,
AOL_PatrickBunch of different technologies - we do a lot of Java on the dedicated hosts, lots of C/C++, script/DHTML - just about all layers of the stack
fafaDose AOL has a branch in China?
__ex__one question: perl is loved in AOL?
AOL_ShawnYep. I've written plenty of perl.
S_A_R_O_Jmike: yes .. There whould a particular buisness prospective why the current challenge is being sponsered
dskloetAOL_Shawn: Is it like Google Page Creator?
AOL_NaveedWe are in the process of investitgating the possibility of opening a Development Center in China by the end of the year
AOL_Naveedin Beijing
AOL_Shawndskloet: It's better.
mikeS_A_R_O_J: ok - I'll let the AOL folks explain from their perspective why they are sponsoring
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Naveed: Has Aol ventured in India
dskloetdiecast: Most of my coasters are from CompuServe. I don't believe I have any from AOL.
raghibkhan_786AOL_Naveed: and wht about india..?? any plans to open a development center ther
S_A_R_O_Jmike: thanx mike
fafaoh,thanks, very good news. I am now in Beijing. :)
AOL_NaveedYes we have Development Center in Bangalore already
dskloetAOL_Shawn: Combined with Google Personalized, it seems...
AOL_Naveedwe have 3 major development centers already in place
diecastdskloet: I have a whole drawer full
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Naveed: do we have in hyderabad
AOL_NaveedDublin, Ireland, Mountain View, California and Bangalore, India
AOL_DukeS_A_R_O_J: It is an opportunity for us to meet and speak with talented developers.
fafaI will graduate in more or less one year. At that time, I will have a try
AOL_Shawndskloet: Well, the infrastructure behind is the same thing that's behind AIM Pages.
AOL_Shawndskloet: It's for public page creation.
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Duke: what do u have to offer for us apart from the prize money ..
raghibkhan_786AOL_Naveed: after graduating how can we join yur development center at bangalore.
AOL_Naveedno nothing in Hyderabad yet, but we are exploring Dehli
AOL_Shawndskloet: We wanted to make it easy to modularize any web content. Including MS Gadgets, etc.
dskloetAOL_Shawn: I'm not familiar with AIM Pages, I also know AIM only by name.
Turningdiecast: Is there any intern opportunity in AOL
AOL_CarlYou will have an opportunity to meet with The developers and recruiting team at the finals in San Deigo
AOL_Naveedby visiting
AOL_ShawnYes, we have an intern program.
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Naveed: what are the products or areas AOL covers in bangalore
AOL_CarlYes - We do have intern opportunities at AOL
AOL_Naveedraghibkhan, hopefully you will be one of the finalists who can make the trip to San Diego
AOL_MarkCheck out
AOL_Naveedand there u can meet the AOL team and recruiters
raghibkhan_786AOL_Naveed: thnx for boosting me:)..hope i be one of them
AOL_Naveedit is a range of produts in India
AOL_Naveedfrom client development to web based products
AOL_NaveedI can't go too much in detail of the list of the products
AOL_ShawnS_A_R_O_J: Check out
AOL_Naveedbut rest assured our folks in India are working on the cutting edge stuff for us
mikehow long has been around?
AOL_ShawnYep. We work closely with the folks in India (i'm based at the HQ).
AOL_NaveedPlease visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
AOL_Naveedand to finish out the development centers
dskloetAre AOL users mostly Americans? I never hear someone talking about AOL over here. just got a makeover a few weeks ago, i think.
AOL_Naveedwe have range of users all over the world
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Duke: and only the winners would be given oppurtunities in AOL or is there a number that u r target at !!!
AOL_CarlWe have a very diverse employee base
AOL_NaveedAOL has ISP presence in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe (France, UK and GermanY)
AOL_ShawnOur web services work anywhere, of course.
AOL_Naveeddskloet where are u based?
m_kothawadewhat are the domains AOL wants to enter into?
diecastAOL_Shawn: Is there a published pay scale at AOL or is everything by negotiation?
dskloetAOL_Naveed: In the Netherlands.
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Duke: what is the criteria for the one here cling to one of the oppurtunities
AOL_Shawnm_kothawade: What domains are you interested in?
AOL_NaveedWe are looking to expand the webservices in two new europeans markets
AOL_NaveedNetherlands and Spain this year
AOL_Shawndiecast: I'm not in HR so i'm not sure. It depends on your location and position. Generally compensation is good (i'm certainly happy).
dskloetAOL_Naveed: So I can expect to see tv-commercials from AOL and stuff this year?
AOL_CarlWe are negotiable and try to stay competitive with market. We do not have a published pay scale
AOL_Naveedhere is the list of
diecastAOL_Shawn: I applied for a job there yesterday and I was curious
AOL_Shawndiecast: Cool!
diecastAOL_Shawn: Part of the MCI exodus lol
maksdamirzmaks: hi
raghibkhan_786AOL_Naveed: you ar spending so much in organising the TCCC '06 .do you have any requirements reagarding the numbers of employees you will recruit??
mindbogglermike: can we apply for AOL through Topcoder?
AOL_Naveedthere is no fixed #
mikemindboggler: yes
mindbogglermike: plz give the link
AOL_Naveedwe want to recruit the top talent
mikemindboggler: click on the AOL page in the tCCC tournament area
AOL_CarlYes - Please apply directly through topcoder
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Duke: thanx duke
mindbogglermike: not clickable..
AOL_NaveedAOL Carl can give you more details
mindbogglermike: oops..I get it..
AOL_Naveeddskloet, hopefully some press release, but AOL will not enter ISP market in Netherlands
EliteCoderAh cool, dulles VA. You are right next door. w00t.
AOL_Naveedmost likely will make webservices through an AOL Portal for NL
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Carl: hello carl ... i have seen the topcoder URL .. i have finsihed my bachelors degree recently .. ten days old!!!! if i am applying through the link what posts am i applying to ...
diecastEliteCoder: yes I live in Ashburn
dskloetAOL_Naveed: So what will AOL be doing in the Netherlands?
javadi82AOL_Carl: Does AOL have an office in India?
otocis there any AOL department in Asia-Pasific?
AOL_MarkWelcome to all the folks who just joined!
AOL_MarkCheck out
EliteCoderdiecast: You are the 3000000 other people clogging up Rte 28 on my way home
mindbogglerjavadi82: in Bangalore, yes
AOL_Naveedyes they do in Bangalore
AOL_CarlI didn't list position yet. We are mainly focusing on the skilss necessary. For the most part we need SW Engineers
dskloetAOL_Naveed: (tip, if you type dskloet: instead of dskloet, or anything, it will be in red for me)
AOL_Markfor more information about AOL's sponsorship of the TCCC
AOL_ShawnWe need to build out our web services and open up lots of the highly scalable systems we have internally. It's cutting edge stuff.
prayanksdoes AOL sponsor visas for International hires (I'm from India)
diecastEliteCoder: Not since the parkway re-opened. shhh dont tell anybody
javadi82AOL_Carl: are there any current openings in Bangalore?
cyberjagBoxley is in C++, isn't it?
AOL_CarlYes - We do sponsorship from India. We are current processiing H1 visas for 07
sql_lallis there much techie-one-upmanship between AOL developers?
AOL_Patrickcyberjag: The implementation is, you can use it with js or c++
otocAOL_Carl: is there any department of AOL in Singapore?
AOL_ShawnBoxley is written C++ but it also sports a JavaScript API.
prayanksAOL_Carl: If I'm from Bangalore, but want a job in one of the offices outside of India in AOL is it possible? How do I go about it ?
AOL_Naveedhere is more detail on AOL India office
ashish_bhatiaAO does AOL
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Carl: and how soon would we be hearing from AOL ??
SystemCoderAre you guys going to continue to offer development contests after sponsoring the TCCC?
AOL_CarlI have another recruiter that handles positions in Bangalore and Singapore. We can talk off line to get you connected
otocAOL_Carl: nothing like :(
otocAOL_Carl: thx
ashish_bhatiaAOL_Carl: does AOL offer internships in India
prayanksAOL_Carl: that will be great
mikeAnyone interested in working for AOL should opt in to be contacted here:
AOL_CarlYes - we do offer internships in India
AOL_ShawnAnybody here a JavaScript expert?
liympandaWhich kind of company is AOL?software?hardware?or others?
ashish_bhatiaAOL_Carl: what do you expect from interns
butlerJavaScript is mean.
AOL_Shawnliympanda: software
AOL_Shawnliympanda: web services, etc.
fayyaz_lodhiDoes AOL hire people internationally to work at USA?
otocAOL_Carl: How about the offline talking you said? I will leave my resume and wait?
cyberjagany other services other than ISP for AOL?
AOL_NaveedAOL is a software company
ashish_bhatiaAOL_Carl: i mean the skills
AOL_CarlBasic developer skills with C, C++, or Java
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Shawn: I am good at JSP carl ....
AOL_Shawncyberjag: Yes! Check out
dskloetadmins: Do sponsers compete in SRMs sometimes to experience what we're doing?
AOL_Shawncyberjag: That's just the start. We have lots more coming. (Come help us release it. :-)_
AOL_CarlYes apply through topcoder and I will contact you
TheFaxmandskloet: sometimes
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Carl: what about onsite placements ??
otocAOL_Carl: but am I able to work in Singapore? Or I have to travel?
AOL_ShawnS_A_R_O_J: We do lots of stuff with JSP/Servlets. My team uses mostly Tomcat/Apache.
AOL_Naveed Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
TheFaxmandskloet: though many people that we deal with from sponsor companies aren't programmers, so they tend not to
dskloetadmins: I see.
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Shawn: well yes i am handy with tomcat ...
AOL_CarlNot sure - I would need to discuss the details with the recruiter that handle overseas staffing
otocAOL_Carl: thx
AOL_ShawnS_A_R_O_J: Well be sure to toss us a resume, then. Do you have a site that features your work that i can check out
AOL_ShawnS_A_R_O_J: ?
wliuIs there data mining work in AOL?
FreeDianAOL_Naveed: what is the most popular programming language in AOL? and what about script language?
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Shawn: well ... its an intranet of sierra atlantic :)
otocAOL_Carl: thx a lot, nice to talk with you
cyberjagwhen will boxley be released ?
AOL_NaveedC,C++ & Java
AOL_PatrickFreeDian: For scripting, mostly JS (at least for external product). Tons of Java and C/C++ internally as well
AOL_ShawnFreeDian: We use everything. I'd say we use mostly Java on the host now. On the client side it's all JavaScript (browsers) and C++ Windows clients.
AOL_Naveeddepends on what you are doing
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Carl: What is the selection procedure ??
AOL_ShawnFreeDian: For host scripting, Perl and Tcl are popular.
cyberjagAOL client 11.0 , will be using boxley ?
AOL_Patrickcyberjag: 11? we haven't released 10 yet that I'm aware of ;-)
mergenCan cs sophomores do internship at AOL
cyberjagoops...I mean 10.0 :D
AOL_CarlWe will be consider a variety of things. Not your score, but your overall background and experiences as well as what you are interested in doing
AOL_Patrickcyberjag: Boxely is our main UI kit right now (if it's not a browser). The current AIM client was done with it
AOL_CarlYes underclassmen can do interships
AOL_Markcyberjag: boxely is already in use in AIM Triton - check out
AOL_Shawncyberjag: AOL will offer stuff both as a Boxley client and via browser (DHTML).
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Carl: what about the interview procedure carl??
AOL_CarlWe start with a phone screen. if all goes well, we will bring you in for a face to face interview
AOL_NaveedPlease visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
cyberjagwhat all are the key features or benefits of boxley ?
ashish_bhatiaAOL_Duke: can electronic sophomores do internship at AOL
S_A_R_O_JAOL_Shawn: my final year project based on jSp[tomact 5] and oracle 9i was an internal training portal for sierra atlantic :)
AOL_ShawnAnother way to impress folks is to create a cool module at You can make your module public so all AIM users can use it.
AOL_Patrickcyberjag: It makes it easy to throw together a product's UI quickly - nice support for auto scaling, positioning, accessibility
AOL_Naveedthere more Mash Ups you do, the better
AOL_Markcyberjag: from the official word from the Boxely team: "Boxely is a next-generation, standards-based UI toolkit designed to enable the creation of rich desktop application interfaces.
AOL_NaveedI mean the more Mash-Ups you do, the better
AOL_Naveedso download the API's from to give it a shot
AOL_ShawnS_A_R_O_J: Cool. We need lots of Tomcat folks.
cyberjagboxley seems interesting :)
fayyaz_lodhiDoes the designation of SE Project Infusion for fresh candidates hire people internationally like from Pakistan??
AOL_Markcyberjag: boxely rocks!
AOL_ShawnS_A_R_O_J: yep!
AOL_Markcyberjag: best UI toolkit I've ever worked with
AOL_Naveedall depends on H-1 situation and the talent of the person
AOL_ShawnBoxley does rock.
AOL_NaveedMr Lodhi
fayyaz_lodhibut atleast i can try?
AOL_Patrickcyberjag: Boxely will be available for everyone to try as a public toolkit in the near future
cyberjaggreat , Visual C++ support will be there ?
greenthunderdo you people look for java developers
AOL_Patrickcyberjag: oh yeah - aside from JS that's what we use for all of our client product dev (i.e. when it's not DHTML)
AOL_NaveedYes we are always looking for Java Developers as well
sunny_boy_inhey any room for Unix administrators in your organization ?
greenthunderthanks a pile
prayas_ptrwhat is the kind of job that people do in AOL?
einstein41389AOL_Carl: what kind of opportunities do you have for java developers?
AOL_Shawnsunny_boy_in: yes, absolutely!
dhavalgianiwat about for linux developers
cyberjagthanx Patrick,Carl,Naveed... waiting for boxley
AOL_CarlMainly SW Engineers
sunny_boy_inAOL_Shawn: does industry certification help ?
dhavalgianiwat are the options for linux developers?
AOL_NaveedPlease visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
ichetanHi all! any job opportunities in AOL India??
mikeagain... any TopCoders who are interesting in working at AOL should opt in to be contacted here:
AOL_Markcyberjag: And, once again, for everyone who just entered .. make sure to check out for info about why AOL is sponsoring this year's TCCC!
mikeheh - whoops
AOL_Patrickdhavalgiani: Yes, we use lots of linux, but it depends on what you're doing on top of it
AOL_Shawnsunny_boy_in: Well, you need to know your stuff. Certs are fine but not sufficient by themselves.
einsteintocodeAOL_Carl: Do you recruit from countries other than U.S?
liympandahaha: wa
liympandahaha: yang mu
AOL_Naveedyes, we do
Riz0dwhat are avenues for college grads like me currently starting 3rd year in CSE at IIT Kharagpur.
AOL_Naveedthe best way to be recruited is to make it to the FINALS in San Diego
AOL_Naveedthen you get the chance to meet and see what AOL has to offer
Riz0dfor getting industry training in summers
AOL_Naveedso Best of Luck to you all
AOL_CarlFrom time to time. It depends on where the needs are located
asadfirozewhat about those who cannot participate in TCCC '06
ichetanAOL_Naveed: any job openings in VOIP??
sunny_boy_inAOL_Shawn: thanx a plenty ! is it a problem if my college of graduation is not very well known ?
AOL_ShawnI have to head out a bit early. Thanks, folks. I look forward to meeting some of you in SD!
AOL_MarkAgain, for everyone who just joined us, check out for more information about why AOL is sponsoring this year's TCCC!
AOL_Naveedand also
AOL_Shawnsunny_boy_in: Nope. You just have to know your stuff. It's cool if you have some side projects you can show off to demonstrate your skills.
sunny_boy_inAOL_Shawn: thanx !
AOL_Naveedlease visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
AOL_DukeThose that cannot compete in TCCC are still welcome to submit your resumes.
ashish_bhatiawhere to submit my resume
ichetanAOL_Duke: any VOIP related job openings in India??
mikeashish_bhatia: just opt in here:
kcluneanyone interested in applying to AOL should go here:
mikeashish_bhatia: you'll be contacted for your resume
freshStyle77aol has got a social network website?
AOL_Naveedfor social networking
AOL_Naveedfor those people who have just joined
AOL_Naveedlease visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
AOL_DukeCarl...Would you repost the link to the India site
dhavalgianiAOL_Carl:i meant more from inside linux than top of it :)
S_A_R_O_Jmike: ??
AOL_Naveedbut best to go through the website that TC has setup
AOL_Patrickdhavalgiani: We don't do much actual kernel dev. Anything but kernel is basically on top of it
AOL_Naveedthat way we can track your resume
AOL_Naveedthrough the competition
AOL_Naveed anyone interested in applying to AOL should go here:
AOL_Naveedthanks kclune
AOL_Markjust follow the AOL logos, you'll get there! ;-)
freshStyle77did aol design the questions and tasks in that upcoming contest?
AOL_Naveedfor those folks just joining the rooom Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
AOL_Naveedfor those folks just joining the rooom Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
AOL_Naveedfor those folks just joining the rooom Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
slogarbageanikov: hej?
softrixhi amish
AOL_Naveedfor those folks just joining the rooom Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
anikovslogarbage: zdravo
kclunegood luck to everyone in the SRM.
Parchandrii log out and in again and my clock changes by about 2 minutes
kclunetahnks AOL
Parchandriafter having the applet running for a while
AOL_Naveedfor those folks just joining the rooom Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's
AOL_PatrickGood luck everyone!
AOL_NaveedGood Luck
AOL_Naveedand see you in San Diego
AOL_Naveedmay the force be with you :-)
AOL_CarlGood Luck everyone. See you in SD
AOL_Naveedfor those folks just joining the rooom Please visit for more details on AOL's Open API's