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SRM 80
April 15, 2002

Room 1 Review

ZorbaTHut jumped ahead early with 239.67 points on the easy problem. However, NDBronson came roaring back with 434.81 points on the 500 and an impressive 748.43 points on the 1100, giving him a grand total of 1405.46. With a successful challenge of doeth's 500 point problem, top ranked NDBronson looked good with a commanding lead at 1455.46 points. However, during the system tests, a fault in his 500 point problem surfaced dropping him to 1020.65. This dropped NDBronson into 3rd and allowed 2nd ranked dmwright to take the lead with 1168.21 points, and extend his win streak with his third consecutive room 1 win. ZorbaTHut also continued to look good, with second place at 1135.06. His score also gave him enough of a boost to take second away from long time competitor, jonmac, who only solved the easy and medium problems and dropped down to 4th overall. On the bottom side of things, doeth only was only able to come up with a successful easy solution and ambrose seems to have not tried, dropping both of them well out of Room 1.

By lbackstrom
TopCoder Member