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TopCoder College Tour Overview

The Event

TopCoder is sponsoring an onsite programming competition for Sichuan Province on Saturday, 27 October 2007.

Registration for this event ends on Friday 10.26.2007 11:59 PM CST.

The event is from 09:30 AM CST until Noon CST at Southwest University of Science and Technology, Computer Room 7105. In addition to registering with TopCoder, all competitors must register here and be onsite for the competition.


  • 1st place prize - 4GB iPod Nano
  • 2nd place prize - 1 GB MP4 Player
  • 3rd place prize - 1 GB MP3 Player
  • Best Female Performer - 1 GB MP4 Player
  • Event Organizer - 1 GB MP4 Player
All competitors will receive a TopCoder t-shirt. Placement in the event will be determined by the total number of points at the conclusion of the event. The competitor with the highest total positive (i.e., greater than zero) points will finish in 1st place. The overall winner will receive the 1st place prize, the 2nd place finisher will receive the 2nd place prize, and the 3rd place finisher will receive the 3rd place prize.

Event Schedule

The timeline for the day of the event:
  • 09:30 AM CST - Computer lab opens & competitors set up
  • 10:00 AM CST - Competition starts
  • 11:35 AM CST - Competition ends
Rujia Liu (TC Handle: srbga) will give a lecture to explain the benefits of TopCoder membership and competition. The presentation is available for download. The lecture is at 2:30 PM CST at Southwest Jiaotong University (Jiuli Campus).

Lecture Schedule

TopCoder is also sponsoring a lecture at SOUTHWEST JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY on October 20. The lecture is from 2:30 PM CST until 4:30 PM CST in Jiuli Campus.