According to Forrester, 65% of enterprises are researching AI, but only 12% are currently using it—due in part to a huge skills gap in the labor market. Topcoder’s Data Science & Analytics solutions give you on-demand access to the world’s largest network of AI engineers ready to help you build everything from voice, text, and image analysis solutions to intelligent chatbots. A dedicated project manager guides your project to success, and you pay only for outcomes, not hours.

Advantages of using Topcoder

Go from requirements to enterprise-grade code in just days. Topcoder gives you on-demand access to a virtually limitless network of industry-leading developers.  


Explore Data Science & Analytics Track, Datasets, Models & Algos, and much more


With Topcoder Datasets you have access to high-quality labeled data, some of which you can't find anywhere else! We also provide the tools to shape your own data as well. These data sets are intended to help you shape and strengthen algorithmic models and sharpen your data science abilities along the way.

Models & Algos

Topcoder has over 15 years of experience building data science models and algorithms with the help of our members. In that time we’ve amassed some impressive capabilities in our algorithmic library. As an open community, we feel it is only right to give them back to you to reuse, repurpose, reshape, and improve upon!

Learn more about the track

Whether you've just begun your journey into data science, AI, and analytics or you have been around the block a few times, there's always more to learn.
Explore below to learn how to get started or take a look at hundreds of past Marathon Matches with interesting problems for practice.


Data Science & Analytics Solutions


Cognitive Chatbot

Introduce AI capabilities to your apps and create an immersive, interactive experience for users.


Data Engineering

Data scrubbers and transformers for bringing multi-system data into new systems, HDFS, etc.  Turn nearly anything A into anything B.  Develop helper tools and utilities.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Convert images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text.


Computer Vision (CV)

Locate and classify patterns, object or building dimensions and actor behavior in still and video images.


Predictive & Data Analytics

Predict behavior, events, conditions or values from time series data (signals, log data, etc). Includes clustering, recommendation systems & more.


Proofs of Concept

Build quick frameworks in Python, Java, R, on Heroku or similar platforms to prove out a new concept or approach or, alternatively, build out tools for exploring and labeling data.



Make complex data more accessible, understandable and usable though visual representation. Supports Tableau, Spotfire, PowerBI, Qlik.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Speech recognition, natural language understanding, and natural language generation



What can I do with my data? Often used to explore potential insights from data lakes.  Use sample data to see if you have enough “signal” and solicit recommendations from experts.

How Data Science & Analytics Projects Work

Create a Project

Point your browser to Topcoder Connect, choose a cognitive solution from the project menu, and follow the prompts to enter your project requirements.

Add Your Team

Add team members at any step along the way to help flesh out your AI solution requirements, monitor progress, or review your final deliverables.

Get Expert Help

Every cognitive development project is managed by a copilot —a dedicated project manager who handles all logistics and guides your project to success.

Track Your Progress

Notifications and a project dashboard keep you up to speed on progress and let you know when actions are required, like providing feedback on designs.