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The Best Minds in Data and Analytics Competing
to Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions

Pre-configured Analytics & Data science solutions

Wondering what you can do with your data? Get tailored recommendations to see how your data science problem can be solved, by some of the brightest minds on the planet.


Quickly get answers, test assumptions, and iterate on existing code to improve data science outcomes.

Computer Vision

Locate and classify patterns, object or building dimensions and actor behavior in still and video images.


Dashboards and other visualizations to make data insights visible and consumable to the end-user. Pull the most important highlights from your data to give decision-makers the tools they need to work smarter.

Start your project

Competition drives performance. Enjoy faster, more accurate and more
precise solutions to your trickiest data science questions.

on demand talent

Access over 450,000 industry-leading Data Scientists working 24×7

Speed of delivery

Deliver guaranteed results 3x faster than standard staffing models

Superior solutions

Select the best solution from multiple deliverables and pay only for results,
not hours

We get you

Data science skills are among the most in-demand and difficult to source in the world. Through Topcoder, you access top data scientist minds who are interested and available to solve your business issues, on your own schedule.

On average, a Topcoder Data Science Marathon Match sees over 50 data scientists, submitting over 400 solutions, in a hunt for the best outcome. Performance thresholds help ensure you are achieving true improvements.

We’re with you

With Topcoder, you’re never alone. Our Data Science and Analytics solutions follow a 6 Step Process.

  1. Comprehend
    Understand the problem and translate the core bottleneck into a math problem
  2. Decompose
    Break the problem into smaller parts
  3. Abstract & Protect Your Data
    Re-construct your data as a math problem. Protect your data by removing domain information, masking proprietary data, and swapping domains if needed.
  4. Strategize
    Design the challenge style, duration, prizes and incentives. Design scoring metrics and define post-challenge integration.
  5. Implement
    Run, monitor, and execute challenge(s). Gather, test, and deliver results. Create post-challenge reports and recommendations.
  6. Deploy
    Deploy the solution to production

We’ve done this before

We’ve developed algorithms that help NASA capture solar power on the International Space Station and better understand the mysterious moons and rings of the sixth planet from the Sun (that would be Saturn). Closer to home, we’ve created solutions that speed how the EPA predicts toxicity and how quickly Harvard Medical School maps DNA. Whether it’s the mysteries of space or the distance between DNA strands, Topcoder’s data science solutions deliver unrivaled innovation and outcomes for our customers.

“By using this incremental approach we’ve been able to get at new questions that no one’s ever looked at.”

Nick Weir

Data Scientist at CosmiQ Works

Crowdsourcing and Data Science is an extremely powerful combination
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