Enterprise Community Development

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Cloud technology has made it easy to scale apps and infrastructure, but scaling cloud resources is still a bottleneck to growth and innovation. Addressing this mismatch will be the difference between firms that use technology and those that differentiate themselves through it.

Saugatuck Technology, an analyst firm focusing on how emerging technologies drive real change in business, recently published a report on why and how crowdsourcing is making an impact on enterprise IT and product R&D.

What is Crowdsourcing & Community Development?

  • How can enterprises use external communities of developers to greatly amplify access to technical talent and skills that are perfectly matched to each development task? How does this augment current in-house and outsourced teams?

What Are the Lessons Learned from Other Enterprises?

  • Hear direct quotes from industry peers that have tapped into a community development model to drive innovation.

What Are the Advantages of a Community Development Model?

  • Tapping into thousands of the world’s best cloud experts, with a model that’s 62% more effective, is just the beginning.