Crowdsourced Developers to Play Important Role in Creating Applications for Human Information

Appirio’s [topcoder] Community to Highlight Value of HP IDOL OnDemand as the OS for Human Information Through Series of Developer Challenges and Virtual Certification Initiative

SAN FRANCISCO – May 21, 2014 – Today Appirio announced an initiative to work with HP Autonomy to raise awareness of its IDOL OnDemand platform through the [topcoder] community. Working with [topcoder], HP Autonomy will run a series of developer challenges that showcase how IDOL OnDemand APIs can empower applications to make sense of vast amounts of “human information”.

Organizations need new web and mobile tools to manage and extract value from massive inflows of pictures, documents, social media, text and app-generated data. HP IDOL OnDemand provides a growing catalog of simple, accessible APIs to developers for rapid application development and prototyping of powerful information analytics applications. The wide range of functionalities available to developers include sentiment analysis, face detection, entity extraction, text indexing, and more. Through the [topcoder] challenges, developers will experience the power of IDOL OnDemand while contributing to its value with new use cases.

“Like the best technology startups and innovators, HP Autonomy is harnessing the power of the community in an open, transparent program that showcases its APIs at work in the real world,” said Narinder Singh, president of [topcoder] and co-founder of Appirio. “Through the [topcoder] challenges, scores of developers will quickly learn the technology, highlight its strengths and applicability, and reveal new and compelling ways to incorporate it into web and mobile scenarios.”

Through the [topcoder] challenges, developers will have the chance to build a variety of cloud and mobile apps for consumers, enterprise, Wearables and the Internet of Things. IDOL OnDemand is showing developers how easy it is to solve really hard technology problems with their web services and transforms the way we interact with the world and our Quantified Self.

In addition to running API challenges, [topcoder] will also help create a certification for developers that have mastered HP’s IDOL OnDemand web services. Through earned badges, developers will be able to promote their status rank and skillsets to peers in the field.

“[topcoder] gives us the perfect competitive platform to promote the capability of our web services and thereby attract developers to our community and Innovator Program,” said Fernando Lucini, CTO at HP Autonomy. “As developers increasingly drive the adoption of HP IDOL technology, enterprises will benefit from the ability to analyze and manipulate human information to quickly solve actual business problems, with new apps being built in hours or days rather than weeks or months.”

About HP IDOL OnDemand
IDOL OnDemand addresses the modern challenges of explosive human information growth and the shift to mobile and cloud. With the IDOL OnDemand Early Access Program, app developers can use a rich set of web service APIs to understand and engage with human information, including text, images, social media, and app data. IDOL OnDemand enables developers to fully inquire, investigate, interact with, and improve human information, to pioneer a new generation of ground-breaking consumer and enterprise apps that push the boundaries of innovation.

Developers can sign up and get a free API key at

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