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May 15, 2020 Opportunity and Resilience – A HeroX Conversation

More and more, we’re hearing from enterprise companies about the need to build resilience. Yes, the pandemic is unprecedented, but disruption has come before (9/11, the Great Recession), and disruption will come again. So the question becomes: How can this be an opportunity to emerge more resilient in a post-COVID world?

Clinton Bonner, VP at Topcoder, joined Christian Cotichini – the co-founder and CEO of HeroX, Frank Ricotta – CEO and Founder of BurstIQ; and Tim Silman – Senior Manager & Partnership Lead at XPRIZE for a discussion about the fast-moving innovation we’re seeing in response to the crisis. And specifically, how on-demand talent platforms are stepping in and joining forces to create better solutions to the challenges we’re facing.

Check out the episode here and see highlights below.

The conversation canvases:

  • How collaboration between experts and non-experts fuels innovation (03:32)
  • What to do if you have an idea but you don’t know how to patent or license it. (10:21)
  • The ways in which Topcoder, BurstIQ, XPRIZE, and HeroX are trying to raise resilience in dealing with network effects. (27:40)
  • Speed and how to move fast in an increasingly slow environment. (40:07)

“It’s not about the ideas – it’s about the execution of going faster, getting to market a lot quicker. And that’s the exponential nature of a crowd and what communities can really do.”

Clinton Bonner, Topcoder

Thanks to HeroX for hosting a great conversation. To start your own project, contact us.

Alexa Baray

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