Winning & Getting Paid

What You Can Win at Topcoder

$72+ Million in cash awarded to date

Prize Money & Payments

Win prize money when you deliver the best solution to a challenge.

You could also earn more as a copilot or reviewer or even win a large cash prize in our yearly tournament, Topcoder Open.


In most challenges, you’ll get feedback from either customers or your peers.

Improve your skills when you receive detailed scorecards or simple, helpful comments about your work.


See how you stack up against others when you earn a Topcoder rating and earn badges for your accomplishments.

Become known as one of the best in the world as a Topcoder Open Champion.

How to Get Paid

Payments are triggers once winners are selected, and then members control the frequency and amount of their payments, along with the preferred method of payment: Payoneer®, PayPal® or Western Union. These steps are required for payment:

Step 1.
Complete Your Profile

Step 2.
Complete a Tax Form

Step 3.
Select a Payment Method

Step 4.
Select Payment(s) to be Paid

Learn more about each step in the Help Center.