Connecting with Members

Topcoder Community Forums

Our community forums are the best way to connect with other members and discuss everything from how to compete at Topcoder to career decisions and new technologies. The forums are split into main categories for different disciplines (Design, Development and Algorithm), but we also have Round Tables where the entire community to connects. All challenges also have their own forum.

Here are some great forums to check out:

New Here & Getting Started
Introduce yourself! This is a great place to say hello and get your “newbie” questions answered.
General Discussion
The primary forum for just chatting about anything.
Topcoder News & Updates
Be the first to know what’s happening, and leave feedback for improvements!

Live Community Tournament Events

Want to meet up with members in person? Topcoder holds an exciting tournament each year called the Topcoder Open, where the best competitors come to go head-to-head in our annual championship finals! The event is open to spectators and members from around the world. Visit the 2016 Topcoder Open website for more information!

In addition to the championship finals, we hold regional events and hackathons throughout the world as part of our Topcoder Open. In 2015, Topcoder members came to compete in St. Petersburg, Russia, San Fransisco, CA, USA, Tokyo, Japan, Jaipur, India and Yogyakarta, Indonesia! Visit the TCO15 website to learn more about the regional events!