Competition is King

Competing at Topcoder


Design or code something amazing for our clients and earn cash prizes! There are many different challenge types over three tracks of Design, Development and Data Science for you to explore.


Excited about competitive programming and solving interesting problems? Go head-to-head in Single Round Matches (SRMs) in the Topcoder Arena and start earning your Topcoder Rating!

Crowdsourcing Challenges

Designers will find UX/UI design challenges in information architecture, web, mobile, and more under the “Design” track. Learn more about Design
Coders will find software design and development competitions (prototyping, coding, assembly, etc.) in many technologies and languages within the “Development” track. Learn more about Development
Data Science code challenges and Marathon Matches ask competitors to solve problems centered around Big Data. Learn more about Data Science
You’ll find $137,395 in prize money available on Topcoder right now!

Competitive Programming

Want to solve traditional algorithm problems? From recursion to advanced math, Topcoder’s fast Single Round Matches (SRM) are for you. Choose your preferred language when you compete. We currently support C#, C++, Java, Python and VB.NET. Learn more about Algorithm Matches
Earn a prestigious Topcoder Rating while competing on some of the highest quality problems in the competitive programming world.