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The Topcoder community is made up of the world’s best talent, working together in one place to compete, collaborate and learn from one another. While competition is core to everything we do, it’s our collaborative community atmosphere that makes Topcoder special. We compete together to make us all better practitioners of the technology we love.


Ghostar: Developer, Topcoder Copilot

“Topcoder has given me immense freedom in terms of how my life can be structured. I have the freedom to work whenever and wherever I want … I get paid more than I ever could in a ‘normal’ job in my geographic area, and the financial freedom has allowed me to travel and do things I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise”

“This entire journey has been the most incredible learning experience and has introduced me to a wide range of technologies… The winning submissions and feedback provided were all starting points for improvement… Competing [on Topcoder] meant the opportunity to work on exciting, large scale projects..”


Coralblue: Designer, Topcoder Copilot


Nickolas: Competitive Programmer, Topcoder Problem Writer

“I got hooked on Algorithm contests immediately. The sweet anticipation of Coding Phase … the adrenaline rush of coding against the clock, the frenzy of Challenge Phase and the wearing wait for the final results… After the first couple of matches I was addicted.”

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