Welcome to the Meet the Topcoder Team page! We’ve got lots of folks dedicated to the success of Topcoder, and we’d like to introduce some of them here. Explore the bios below to learn more about the staff you regularly talk to both behind the scenes and in the forums!


Community Champion / Goofball

Nick Castillo

Your host of the Topcoder Weekly series, where I bring you the news and events surrounding the community. I don’t rest until I know everyone is having fun in one way or another! Work hard, Play hard, and I’ll see you in the forums.

Mike Epner

Privileged to lead our Topcoder team and community, working to help the world embrace the greatness of our members. Ultimately, I want to see our community at the epicenter of the crowdsourcing movement, providing new options for customers that want to get work done and exciting ways for our members around the world to embrace new life/work styles.


Captain Mike


TCO Dancing Queen

Jessie D’Amato Ford

I LOVE the community and the family it has been to me since 2005! I run all things related to the Topcoder Open (TCO) while working from my home office aka the playroom with my young daughter and son. My genuine love and respect for the community makes me a fierce ally for all and I am happy to help any member as much as I can.

Victor George

Hi, I’m the one making the interface pretty and improving the experience on Topcoder. My passion is to translate your feedback through wireframes, pixels and interactive prototypes to the entire Topcoder team, so you’ll get the best platform in the world. I became a designer on a small online community in Bulgaria, so I’m really passionate to be able to give back to all members on Topcoder.


Product Designer


Platform Specialist

Nikita Jain

I am the ‘Platform Octopus’ as I delve into multiple aspects of the platform with an objective to make the platform an amicable place to hang out. I read all the challenges (…well almost), throw in surveys, police the late challenges and forums, I occasionally may flood your inbox with questions and queries. I am the first hurdle between you and the review board. I am also known as the AppXpress gatekeeper. I also watch the forums so please be nice. I adore TCO and my passion is helping Jessie in organizing them.

Tony Jefts

With over 10 years invested in the evolution of Topcoder, I still love being challenged by an increasingly smart and savvy community as well as customers who are hungry to innovate with us. I focus on opening up the power of the TopCoder Platform to customers and community members around the globe in a way that revolutionizes the product development process.


Director of Product Development


!!The Topcoder India Guy!!

Harshit Mehta

I am your Topcoder India Guy!! One stop destination to all your Queries! My task is to build community on Topcoder concentrating on specific technologies,engage with developers worldwide to attract them to Topcoder and translate feedback into platform,push common developer themes and work with platform team to enhance meaningful analytics to determine how developer adoption is working.

Maryam Norouzi

Community development and growth is my mission. I am a technologist at heart and have spent the past 20 years of my career working in the software industry either building or leading teams to create solutions that meet customer needs. It has been a great journey for me over the past 1.5 years getting to know this amazing community and learning about your personal lives as well as wants/needs/wishes. I learn something new every day and look forward to continuing to work with you to make Topcoder the best community that is out there!


Head Community Advocate


Manager “GLUE” of the DS Practice

Jen Odess

I have the privilege of working with some of the smartest people everyday. I am consistently blown away by the input and output of the DS community and the DS team. My days are filled with being involved at every step and levelvof the DS Practice. From streamlining process/procedure to scoping new problems to delivery and paying the TC members. It’s my job to glue all the parts of the DS Practice together and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Justin Wigtion

New Husband and Father. 13 Years customer service experience with a specialty in Social Media. The community is a very exciting ecosystem and lives and breathes through the members. My passion is making sure that members have all the information that they require to be successful.


Member Support


Community Mama Bear

Jess Williams

My job is to deeply understand the community — to listen, learn, build trust and nurture. I lead CAB and other programs to hear your feedback & ideas. I’ve been very lucky to be focused on the heart of the community for nearly a decade, first as the Director of Studio, and now, for all of Topcoder.