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May 20, 2020 Jessie’s Design Month Dash – Round 1 Recap

Our annual Design Month has arrived and we kicked it with Jessie’s Design Month Dash – Round 1 challenge.  This competition has 3 rounds, each round is running several heats (or challenges) at the same time. In Round 1 we ran 10 rounds with all the members who have previously registered. We had over 100 participants involved, 10 copilots and judges from all of Topcoder who ranked and gave feedback to the designs.

The objective of this first challenge was to design a T-shirt for the Design Month for members to wear with pride. Each heat had a specific theme for designers to incorporate in their submission and a specific color palette. The submitters did a great job at incorporating these elements. 

We have received so many amazing designs, that we’re sharing here the one from the winners of each heat with you. Enjoy!

Heat 1

Theme: Outerspace 

Color palette: blue, light blue, yellow

1st: molderacs

K:\Invisible world\Work\_Copilot\Jessie's Design Month Dash 2020\Round 1\Heat 1\Submissions\371109 - 1st\JPG Preview\T-Shirt Mockup .jpg

2nd: ToxicPixel

K:\Invisible world\Work\_Copilot\Jessie's Design Month Dash 2020\Round 1\Heat 1\Submissions\371429 - 2nd\Submission\Submission\T-Shirt Template.png

3rd: helmiseptiyan

K:\Invisible world\Work\_Copilot\Jessie's Design Month Dash 2020\Round 1\Heat 1\Submissions\371412 - 3rd\Jessie's Design Month Dash - Round 1 Heat 1\Submission\04-T-Shirt Template.png

4th: iqbalhood

K:\Invisible world\Work\_Copilot\Jessie's Design Month Dash 2020\Round 1\Heat 1\Submissions\371427 - 4th\FINAL\SUBMISSIONS\T-Shirt Template.png

5th: konthet

K:\Invisible world\Work\_Copilot\Jessie's Design Month Dash 2020\Round 1\Heat 1\Submissions\371423 - 5th\submission\preview.png

Heat 2

Theme: Ocean 

Color palette: turqoise, orange, red

1st: eriantoongko

2nd: andiirawanart

3rd: iversonLv

4th: olanloco

Heat 3

Theme: Safari

Color palette: dark gray, red, light gray

1st: holysyid

2nd: oninkxronda 

3rd: degraphic

4th: abhi.dungriyal

5th: ashrutarya  

Heat 4

Theme: Carnival

Color palette:violet, dark blue, yellow

1st: dendyh7

2nd: vanpatelona

3rd: Aveef

4th: krishna_1208

5th: fatkhulkarim

Heat 5

Theme: Beach 

Color palette: green, gray, purple

1st: billthezab

2nd: Sir_Luis

3rd: viqqri

4th: adalahoscar

Heat 6

Theme: Video game

 Color palette: blue, brown, red 

1st: Brianbinar

2nd: iamtong

3rd: adelmar_z

4th: VivekSati

5th: Richardibra

Heat 7

Theme: Music

Color palette: pink, brown, orange

1st”: starck181995

2nd: arcnajib

3rd: aditm17

4th: PereJojo

5th: ndondo_

Heat 8

Theme: Movies 

Color palette: beige, violet, purple

1st: dragonhood78

2nd: riopurba

3rd: chamdi

4th: adittjg

Heat 9

Theme: Retro

Color palette:blue, beige, green 

1st: yanwarpro

2nd: aizenanhar

3rd: Eddy_Hu

Heat 10

Theme: SciFi 

Color palette: red, blue, burgundy

1st: khusnunirawan

2nd: yoki

3rd: Halin

4th: Rizqykhairani

5th: Noor_Adli

Good luck to all the competitors in Round 2!


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