What kind of work can be completed on Topcoder?
The Topcoder Community excels at visual design, code development, and data science projects.
What’s the difference between crowdsourcing and freelancing?
Freelancing sites require you to choose an individual from their network and work one-on-one with that person. With Topcoder, we make your project available to our global community of designers and technologists, so you get multiple people competing to deliver the best solution to your problem.

How do you protect intellectual property?
We take multiple steps to protect our clients’ IP and ensure security. Read more about these measures here.
How does Topcoder make money?
Every project or subscription includes a platform fee, which covers your use of the Topcoder platform and access to our community.
How do Topcoder Community members make money?
Community members earn money by submitting designs or code that meet a customer’s requirements. Different types of crowdsourcing challenges have different criteria for judging submissions, and many contests have more than one winner.
Why do people compete if they aren’t guaranteed to get paid?
Different members have different reasons for joining the Topcoder Community and competing in crowdsourcing challenges. The chance to earn money is always a top motivation, but members also compete to learn new skills, work on interesting projects, gain real-world experience, collaborate with like-minded peers, and earn a Topcoder rating.