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May 15, 2018 How Do You Get a Business-Ready Chatbot in Just Weeks?

In an age of automation, it’s more important than ever to deliver more value at every customer touchpoint. The question now is: how can your business use automation to further engage customers? In a word, chatbots.

Get a business-ready chatbot from IBM + Topcoder

IBM and Topcoder have partnered to make chatbots accessible for businesses of all sizes. IBM offers technologies that enhance customer experiences, and Topcoder has certified developers available on demand. Together, we’re ready to build a chatbot for your business using Watson Assistant.
Below, watch a recent webinar featuring Fredrik Tunvall of IBM (Watson Offering Management), Clinton Bonner of Topcoder (Director of Customer Innovation), and James Cori of Topcoder (Senior Technical Architect). They covered:

  • Key benefits of Watson Assistant
  • Working with Topcoder to get the chatbot business ready
  • How to get a ready-to-deploy chatbot in 2-6 weeks

Automating a better customer experience with a chatbot doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. Let IBM and Topcoder handle the talent and the technology — you (and your customers) reap the rewards. Ready to get started?

Click here for next steps on building a chatbot with IBM and Topcoder.


Jiordan Castle


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