Freelancing sites require you to choose an individual from their network and work one-on-one with that person. With Topcoder, we make your project available to our global community of designers and technologists, so you get multiple people competing to deliver the best solution to your problem.


We take multiple steps to protect our clients’ IP and ensure security. Read more about these measures here.

What kind of work can be completed on Topcoder?

The Topcoder Community excels at visual design, code development, data science, and QA projects. Learn more about Topcoder Solutions and our Enterprise Offerings.

Why do people compete if they aren’t guaranteed to get paid?

Different members have different reasons for joining the Topcoder Community and competing in crowdsourcing challenges. The chance to earn money is always a top motivation, but members also compete to learn new skills, work on interesting projects, gain real-world experience, collaborate with like-minded peers, and earn a Topcoder rating.

How do community members make money?

Community members earn money by submitting designs or code that meet a customer’s requirements. Different types of crowdsourcing challenges have different criteria for judging submissions, and many contests have more than one winner.

How do we get started with TaaS?

Click here, tell us your needs, and we will be in touch shortly with the next steps.

What is a TaaS on-demand team?

An on-demand team is your team. The members of this team are assembled based on how their skill sets map to your needs. This team dedicates their capacity to fulfilling your requirements while using your tools.

The team is truly on-demand in nature – you can scale up or down the size or skills in the team on a monthly basis.

How is talent vetted?

Resources made available through Talent as a Service have demonstrated their technical capabilities through strong performance in competitive environments.

Since 2001, Topcoder has created enterprise software using a competition based delivery model. In that time, the Topcoder platform has accumulated millions of data points which track Topcoder community members demonstrated achievements with hundreds of technologies and skills.

Using this data, Topcoder is able to assemble your team based on enterprise quality work completed and delivered by each team member.

How do you ensure that the team created meets our needs?

Your team will be made up of members who have demonstrated consistent success in the technologies comprising your project work. You can feel confident whenever a team member has a verified skill that they have delivered enterprise quality work.

Your Topcoder Account Manager and Customer Success Team will ensure outputs meet expectations throughout the engagement.

Where are the community members located?

The Topcoder community has 1.5 million members across 190+ countries.

Where do the community members work from?

All Topcoder members work remotely and deliver output virtually.

How long does it take to create an on-demand team for our requirements?

In order to accelerate your access to talent, Topcoder has built pre-established talent pools. These pools contain a number of Topcoder members who have demonstrated skill in the technology, have undergone identity verification, agreed to an NDA, and opted in to the TaaS working model.

Access to resources in a pre-established talent pool can be granted within 72 hours of the need being identified. Talent pools are available for a number of popular technologies including Java and React. 

Custom talent teams can be assembled for specific technical needs. Custom talent team creation takes about 2-3 weeks.

What is the collaboration method used during the project?

After we introduce you to your team members, you manage the team using your standard tools, communication methods, and processes.

How much would talent cost with TaaS?

Rates range from roughly $32.50/hour to $100/hour. Rates depend on which skills are required, the mix of skills on the team, and the number of people on the team. Pricing is based on a 40 hour work week. TaaS does not currently support part-time work.