Changes in the workforce as well as the enterprise are driving the gig economy and accelerating the rise of enterprise crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing gives individuals the freedom to work on projects that fit their skills and interests—and lets enterprises access talent on demand. Topcoder’s Hybrid Crowd combines communities of experts both from within and outside of your enterprise and makes it easy to securely manage work across multiple crowds.

Advantages of using Topcoder

With Topcoder powering crowdsourcing across your enterprise, you can turn the gig economy into a competitive advantage that drives digital production and innovation.  

The Secure Way to Crowdsource

Topcoder ensures your IP is never compromised at any step of the process. Every work project is made available only to individuals that meet all clearances and requirements.

Pay for Outcomes, Not Hours

With Topcoder, you pay only for deliverables that meet your requirements, not the time spent developing them. You own the IP of winning solutions.

Connect the Right People to Projects

Eliminate your bench by matching work to available employees, vendors, or contractors, and accelerate outcomes by tapping into new talent around the world.

Proven Platform and Methodology

Growing, nurturing, and sustaining a ready-to-work community takes time and experience. Topcoder is the leader in the art and science of crowdsourcing.


How Hybrid Crowd Works

Topcoder’s Hybrid Crowd integrates crowdsourcing with the way you work. You can leverage public, private, or certified communities at any stage of a project to engage top talent, speed outcomes, and tap into hard-to-find skills.
Public Community
Tap into more than 1 million designers, developers, and data scientists around the world, including members of Expert Communities focused on IoT, mobile, blockchain, and cognitive technologies.
Certified Community
Curate select members from the public community for work on sensitive tasks by inviting those who routinely win your contests to sign NDAa, get certified in specific technologies, and/or undergo background checks.
Private Community

Engage a self-selected community of employees, contractors, and vendors who can provide services that require co-location, physical access to systems, and/or specific knowledge.