Every technology company needs a strong and capable developer community to support its growing customer base. Topcoder makes it easy to grow a robust community of developers dedicated to your technology—and capable of meeting current and future customer demands. You choose the level of learning, badging, engagement, and rewards needed to demonstrate a healthy community. Topcoder helps you recruit, motivate, and measure success while Topcoder Community members prove their skills by competing in crowdsourcing competitions.

Advantages of using Topcoder

With Topcoder powering your developer community, you can create greater exposure of your technology, build scalable delivery capabilities, and tap into a global network of coders.  

Access to a Global Pool of Developers

With more than one million members around the world, Topcoder provides endlessly scalable opportunities to boost awareness and adoption of your technologies.

Increase Exposure to Your Technology

Expert communities engage the Topcoder Community and provide pathways for members to learn more about your technology and develop hands-on skills.

Build and Identify Expertise

Badges, rewards, and leaderboards, motivate the Topcoder Community to develop expertise in your technology — and recognize members for their achievements.

Drive Attention to Your Projects

Campaigns, events, and promotions create unique opportunities to build awareness of your crowdsourcing projects and drive Topcoder members to participate.


How Expert Communities Work

Topcoder collaborates with your team to develop learning paths that help members hone specific skills, and custom badges identify Topcoder Community members that join your expert community, demonstrate key skills, or achieve goals. Leaderboards, campaigns, and online and in-person events engage members and drive participation, and a program microsite provides a home for both new and returning members of your community.


iOS Community

Topcoder partnered with Apple to grow and nurture a global community of iOS designers and developers.

Fueled by leaderboards, badges, and rewards, the Topcoder iOS Community is now more than 40,000 members strong.

Blockchain Community

ConsenSys wanted to grow and nurture a global community of engineers experienced with Ethereum blockchain technology.

Topcoder and ConsenSys launched the Topcoder Blockchain Community in less than 60 days.

Cognitive Community

Topcoder and IBM partnered to grow a developer community focused on cognitive technologies like IBM Watson.

Today, our Cognitive Community is home to 50,000+ members who come to Topcoder to earn, learn, and show their skills.