The separation between IT and business functions has blurred, and teams across the enterprise need to deliver applications, keep up with technology proliferation, and innovate in real-time. Topcoder accelerates digital production by providing on-demand access to a limitless supply of application designers and developers. You select the fixed-fee digital solutions business units can choose from, and Topcoder ensures adherence to your technology standards.

Advantages of using Topcoder

With Topcoder powering digital development on-demand, you can scale on a moment’s notice to tackle priorities, capitalize on opportunities, and fuel innovation.  

Visual Design and UI/UX Expertise

The Topcoder Community is home to thousands of application UI/UX designers who can turn your ideas and requirements into highly effective user experiences.

On Demand Access to Developers

From bug fixes in legacy code to building with the latest technologies, Topcoder has the breadth and depth of skills to meet any just-in-time requirements.

More Options and Innovation

Competition breeds innovation, and Topcoder gives you a broad range of innovative design and development options to choose from for every project.

Proven Platform and Methodology

Growing, nurturing, and sustaining a ready-to-work community takes time and experience. Topcoder is the leader in the art and science of crowdsourcing.


How Digital Factory Works

Business units choose from a customized menu of digital solutions. An expert from the Topcoder Community called a copilot manages all crowdsourcing logistics, from launching and managing crowdsourcing competitions to hand-off of final deliverables, and community members with the right skills compete to develop the best solutions in each contest. The copilot keeps the project team abreast of milestones and next steps, and team members have an opportunity to review and sign off on all deliverables.


IoT Application Development

Brivo Labs wanted to accelerate production of new IoT and Social Access Management solutions and beat competitors to market.

With a Topcoder Digital Factory program, they released products a year ahead of plan—and for 40% less than traditional methods.

WordPress Websites

Land O’Lakes wanted to redesign and rebuild the WordPress website for its PMI Nutrition brand of pet foods.

Topcoder delivered mobile responsive web designs and a fully-customized WordPress website in just weeks.