Introducing Wipro + Topcoder Crowd Powered Consulting

Wipro consulting and delivery teams use Topcoder’s platform and community to deliver virtually limitless scalability and bandwidth.

Access niche skills, get enterprise-grade solutions, and pay only for results.

Wipro Consultants

Deliver functional expertise and solutioning.

Topcoder Platform

Connect your project with the right talent on demand.

Extreme Value Outcomes

Uncover impactful insights & build innovative solutions.

Crowd-Powered Consulting

CPC delivers the engineering capacity of 20+ data scientists and developers, channeled through a small core team of consultants. Onsite consultants understand your business/procedures and manage the Topcoder process. We offer pilot and annual programs.

● 3x delivery capacity

● Fast start - no waiting for hires

● No turnover - the crowd doesn’t quit

● Pay for outcomes, not hours

● Core team for last-mile integration

● No training required

● Safe & Secure

How Crowdsourced Data Science and Analytics Works

Experts from the Topcoder Community work with you to analyze your data and business issue, formulate a problem definition and crowdsourcing competition specification, and prepare your data for the competition. Topcoder Community members with the right skills compete to develop and test solutions against example cases, and all solutions are scored by the leaderboard at the conclusion of the competition.

A Core onsite Wipro Team

Consisting of one or more full-time senior business analysts, domain experts, data scientist,s integration experts, etc, as needed.

A Flex Topcoder Team

Consisting of a dedicated CoE Lead and others as needed — depending on the nature of a project — delivering outcomes.

Proven Data Science Methodology

Thorough testing is used to define a relative baseline and set expectations. Milestone-based incentives drive competition and help uncover innovative new techniques.

See Multiple Solutions in Action

With Topcoder you get to see multiple solutions to your problem in action. Solutions are objectively scored, and you pay only for the winning solution, not hours.

On-Demand Access to Experts

Topcoder is home to nearly 500,000 algorithmists and data scientists. No matter the scope of your problem, Topcoder has the breadth and depth of skills to get it done.

Hands-On Assistance

Topcoder consultants and experienced data scientists from the Topcoder Community guide your project from initial data analysis to performance testing and delivery.

The Crowd-Powered Difference: virtually limitless scalability, no turnover, no waiting, safe, secure, private, and outcome-based.

Enterprise-grade analytics without bandwidth constraints. Replace or gain the capacity of 20+ MS/PhD caliber data scientists with the Crowd, along with a dedicated team of domain-savvy business analysts and system integration specialists to manage the crowd service.


DNA Sequencing Algorithm

Harvard Medical School wanted to speed an algorithm that calculates the distance between DNA strings.

Topcoder delivered an algorithm that's 976 times faster, increasing the execution speed from 260.4 minutes to just 16 seconds.

Earthquake Predictive Analytics

NASA and Quakefinder wanted to develop algorithms that identify specific types of electromagnetic signals that precede earthquakes.

Topcoder developed over 100 possible solutions in three weeks, and the top solutions identified up to seven earthquakes.

Social Predictive Analytics

A non-governmental organization wanted an analytics solution to predict mass atrocities based on newly validated data sets.

In just three weeks, Topcoder created five predictive models that identify community-level risk factors that can lead to violence.