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Service. That’s the word. The biggest projects that help move society forward are born in the Public Sector. Investing and helping to shape industries before there is even a market is commonplace here. From niche research to solutions that bring opportunity to the underserved, Public Sector exists to serve the people. We can help.

Common industry-wide pain points in public sector

Attracting top talent

Wages in Public Sector are a major detractor, hampering hiring top technology talent. It’s simply not a first or second choice for the majority of the talent.

Bloat and waste

The industry has a bad rap. Projects over budget, major delays, and under-whelming experiences are often the norm. This can be different.

Legacy Systems

Many federal and state agencies run their systems on antiquated architectures, developed in non-modern languages.

How Topcoder helps Public Sector

Great talent on your work

Passionate freelancers are attracted to good work. They are not making a career choice, simply a choice to join a project they like. You get the skills you desperately need.

Efficient, quality outputs

Topcoder is consistent, transparent, and trusted. Our processes and delivery methodology cut out bloat, shrink timelines, and help you actually get it done.


Re-architecting legacy systems and building modern applications that serve your people more effectively is a sweet spot for Topcoder.


Injury Surveillance

Developing an Algorithm to Help the CDC Improve
Workplace Safety

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