Healthcare & Pharma

Our Healthcare and Pharma customers have unique concerns and challenges. Here’s how we help.

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Advancement. That’s the word. Whether we’re discussing new telemedicine experiences, AI-powered cancer treatments, or breakthrough research algorithms that enable the development of next-gen precision medicines, the world of Health and Pharma is one of advancement. These are big things. We can help.

Common industry-wide pain points in health & pharma

Slow to market with consumer-facing experiences

Start-ups have the luxury of speed and lap enterprises with best-in-breed digital experiences.

lack of top talent choosing this industry

Outside of researchers, top digital talent routinely seeks out other industries, putting a talent squeeze on your sector.

Niche skills required

AI, Computer Vision, ML, Data Viz—Healthcare requires niche skills in niche technologies.

How Topcoder helps health & pharma customers

New digital experiences

You gain the flexibility to more rapidly create, test, and bring to market winning digital solutions.

Algorithms & predictive analytics

Top performing Data Scientists are rare. Our Health & Pharma customers augment their research teams with outside experts that bring unique perspectives and create breakthrough data solutions.

Data visualization

Data is great if you can act on it. Our talent helps customers create custom dashboards that are actionable.

Do it your way.

Topcoder is a platform powered by an incredibly talented community of technologists and digital experts.

You’re building custom software, so we won’t shoehorn you into how you decide to engage with the amazing talent.