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Find Me Data is designed for business leaders, researchers or any individual who has a data science question and is struggling to find the data to answer it.

Use Find Me Data if you:

  • Need data that can be shared with outside help.Note, we also offer data anonymization services to convert your existing data into secure and shareable form
  • Want to better understand how to find and use open-source/public data in your projects

02 How Will FIND Me DATA Help Me?

You will get to answers faster and with more confidence. Our experts know data—where to find it and what’s important: fit-for-purpose, fast & free. From public data sets to the best advice on how to share your own data, you can count on having the most efficient data or approach to meet your goals.

Find Me Data will give you the confidence that:

  • If there’s a free option out there that can meet your needs, we’ll bring it to you
  • If there isn’t, you’ll know the easiest and most cost-effective options to meet your data needs

03 What Will I Receive from Topcoder?

You share the question you want to answer, and what you have today (e.g. a list of data inputs/variables, a data template, or a sample of data you can’t fully share). We give you data ready for analysis and/or a clear approach to getting it (e.g. paid data services, directions for generating synthetic data or making your existing data shareable). If you want to take it farther, we’re ready to take those next steps with you as well.

With Find Me Data, you get a professional summary of the best guidance from across our expert community, including:

  • All free data options suitable to your goals from our exhaustive search of publically available data, wherever it lives
  • Where necessary to your project, the best paid data options and how to use them
  • For the trickiest of data requirements, expert guidance on how to ‘create’ the data you need
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