What kind of work can be completed on Topcoder?

Topcoder can do the entire Software Development Life-cycle (SDLC). However, most often, we work on elements of your project with your team. Our community skills are really strong in visual design, code development, data science, and QA. From simple tasks to high level data science algorithms, it’s available within Topcoder’s global Talent Network.

What’s the difference between Topcoder and other freelance talent platforms?

Topcoder is for the enterprise. We’ve helped Fortune 100 companies, global enterprises and public entities start and scale crowdsourcing programs for over 20 years.

Unlike other sites where you’re required to choose a freelancer from their network and work one-on-one with that person,

Talent Network
If you want to execute on parts of technology projects or whole projects where you’ll need a wide range of technology skills throughout the work, then our Enterprise Crowdsourcing model will work well for you. When you engage this way, much of the work is done via crowdsourcing challenges—essentially small competitions—that we host and execute on our platform for you. You benefit from multiple people competing to deliver the best solution to your problem.


You get the most flexibility so you can decide how to engage the right talent at the right time. To learn more about how Topcoder’s Talent Network can serve your unique business and role, go here.

How do you protect intellectual property?

Security is built into the Topcoder Platform. Tools and features protect your data, obfuscate identity, scan for viruses, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure compliance. We earn your trust through security and smart technology in 3 ways:

1. Our People (Freelancer Talent & Crowd Experts)
We know more about our talent, their verified skills, digital identity, and work history than you likely know about any other people from 3rd parties, and maybe even your own employees

2. Our Process
20+ years of delivering for Global 1000 organizations and Public Sector customers, securely

3. Our Platform
Data protection, IP infringement, malware scanning, source code reviews, and more comprise the technology that makes security a core component of the Topcoder platform

To learn more about security at Topcoder, go here.

Why do people compete if they aren’t guaranteed to get paid?

People join Topcoder to improve their skills, demonstrate their expertise, and earn money—all while helping real-world organizations solve real business problems. Beyond just getting paid, members benefit from Topcoder’s vibrant, supportive community.

This short documentary follows five inspiring individuals who have chosen the gig economy as their path to success. They share the benefits, the challenges, and the lifelong friends they’ve made while participating in on-demand work in the Topcoder community.

Is Topcoder fair to their talent?

Being fair and equitable to our freelance community is core to who we are. Topcoder takes pride in being “a community with a company.”

“If our community is happy, our customers are happy. The reverse is not true.”
— Mike Morris, Topcoder CEO

There are 3 ways we ensure fairness to talent:

1. Self-selection – talent is always in control. Members can self-select into, and out of, work. This goes for both enterprise crowdsourcing (competing in challenges), as well as TaaS (gig-based work for a customer for a set amount of time).

2. Transparency – talent knows what they can earn upfront. They know the prize money they can win in a challenge, and how much they can earn doing gig-based work for customers. With challenges, members can also see exactly who they’re going up against. While challenges are competitive, Topcoder does not pit members against each other to compete on price.

3. Opportunity – Beyond money, Topcoder offers freelancers the chance to work with big brands on projects that have real value.


“I have worked for companies like Macy’s, IBM, Google, and on projects for NASA. Being in Santiago, Chile is not a restriction for me to work for any of these companies.”
Alex Chekspir, Topcoder Member, UX Design Competitor, & Copilot