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Budget constraints meet increasing digitization goals; our customers get it done.

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Digitization. That’s the word. Amid disruption and movement to green solutions, energy companies are under pressure to both find ways to keep IT costs down while still being expected to drive digitization initiatives. It’s a tough task. You have to approach IT differently and in a more dynamic fashion. We can help.

Common industry-wide pain points in oil & gas, utilities & energy

Digitization demands

Shrinking IT budgets + increased demand from the business to digitize is out of balance.

Talent scarcity

Industry-wide there are persistent talent attraction hurdles leading to too few high-caliber technologists in the field.

Data, data everywhere

They say data is the new oil. This industry has scores of it but often lacks the skills to make the data actionable.

How Topcoder helps oil & gas, utilities, & energy customers

Digitization delivered

Time is money. Our customers execute on digitization projects up to 3x faster.

A better workforce model

Tapping freelancer skills on-demand gives our Energy customers the access to needed skill sets paired with the flexibility to ramp up and down cost-effectively.

Data solutions & visualizations

Custom algorithms move the needle. Our customers benefit from elite data scientists working on their most complex problems.

Do it your way.

Topcoder is a platform powered by an incredibly talented community of technologists and digital experts.

You’re building custom software, so we won’t shoehorn you into how you decide to engage with the amazing talent.