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Use Topcoder’s Data Science expertise to explore, predict, optimize and solve problems with your data. Our process ensures that your data is never compromised and you get exceptional results.

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Why choose Topcoder for data science?

  • Data science geniuses

    We’re not exaggerating. Topcoder data scientists have expertise in AI, Computer Vision, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, Image Recognition, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and more.

  • Better solutions

    Our average data science challenge attracts dozens of world-class data scientists and multiple top solutions per challenge. You get outstanding outcomes from this breadth of talent.

  • 20+ years of expertise

    We have been hosting data science competitions for the world’s biggest brands for two decades. The Topcoder process ensures your data is never compromised and you get exceptional results.

Data Science FAQs

How does Topcoder approach security with my data?

Seriously and confidently. We’ve been doing this for 20 years, and we’ve worked in data sensitive industries like healthcare, banking, cybersecurity, and the public sector. Your data science problems can be solved without your sensitive data, by using public data sets relevant to your problem, generating synthetic data, or applying differential privacy. We’ll show you how.

Do I need to be a data scientist?

Not at all. The beauty of working with Topcoder is that we can help you translate plain language goals into data science approaches, and then deliver world class data science solutions. We offer expertise on-demand. And we’re ready to help no matter your starting point. Check out some of the other FAQs on this page to understand your options.

What if I am a data scientist?

Great! You know what you’re looking for. Think about using Topcoder when you want a second (and third, and fourth…) opinion, or when you need some extra hands and brains on-demand.

Should I hire a data scientist?

Hiring a data scientist directly can be an easy way to get started or keep moving on your data science goals. You can typically get started quickly and pay by the hour, and it can be nice to work with the same person over time. Keep in mind there’s high demand in this field. It’s important to know if and when you need specific skills or specialities. Costs and quality can vary widely. If you prefer a range of expert advice, or multiple approaches to ensure you get the best possible solution, you should look to Topcoder. Where appropriate, Topcoder can also match you with individual experts to take your project forward.

Should I hire a data science company?

Data science companies can offer a great experience. They’ve done it before, so you can generally expect a smooth experience and a personal touch. Data science companies tend to be more expensive, however, and cost and quality still vary widely. Consider how well you want to understand the work being done. Do you want someone to take it away and come back with a result? Or do you want to follow along more? How quickly do you want to move, and how long of a relationship would you like? Also consider whether you’re looking for ‘good enough’ or ‘best possible’. With Topcoder, you get expertise on-demand, so you can have your cake and eat it too!