Your Data has something to say. Are you Listening?

Get Multiple Fresh, Expert Perspectives to Identify the Patterns and Relationships in Your Data. Your Next ‘Aha’ Moment Could Be Waiting.

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01 What Is DATA EXPLORATION with topcoder?

Most of us fail to recognize the full value and potential of our data. What would fresh analytic eyes notice about your data, that you’re missing today? Data Exploration gives you the answer (multiple expert answers, actually), guaranteed & on-demand.

Use Data Exploration if you:

  • Are overwhelmed with the complexity or amount of some data, and you’re ready to start making sense of it
  • Have been staring at the same data the same way for too long, and wonder what else that data could tell you
  • Want to understand what your data could tell you about a specific topic, e.g.:
    • What could this feedback data tell me about my business, or my customers?
    • What could this sales data tell me about my customers?
    • What could this financial data tell me about our spending habits?


Whatever your data is focused on—e.g., your customers, your business, or the behavior of others—Data Exploration can help you understand it better. Multiple independent perspectives focused on measurable patterns means dramatically reduced bias and better decisions for you.

Data Exploration will give you the confidence that:

  • You have a clear picture of what a particular data set can and can’t tell you
  • You know how to get the most value from your data, whether it’s taking action on what you learned, analyzing further, or bringing in more data

Blind spots, covered. With Topcoder, diversity of perspective comes standard. You’ll receive top recommendations from across our skilled data science community and know the value and potential of your data faster.

03 What Will I Receive from Topcoder?

You provide shareable data and tell us anything you’d like to learn about it. We’ll take care of the rest, giving you a full view of what’s interesting in your data in an easy-to-understand format.

Use Data Exploration and receive a custom report including:

  • Clear written analysis of your data and key findings
  • Visuals of the most compelling relationships and patterns in your data
  • Expert commentary on the relevance of findings to your goals and recommendations for further analysis
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