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Our telecom customers use Topcoder to drastically shrink timelines, experiment rapidly, and pivot to newer technologies and trends faster.

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Connected. That’s the word. In an extraordinarily competitive landscape, Telcos and Media companies cannot afford to rest on laurels. Better technology wins and top-performing orgs continuously create unexpected ways to deliver new value to their data-thirsty consumers. You have to be great. We can help. 

Common industry-wide pain points in comms & media

a torrid pace

Whether it’s 5G, the streaming wars, or the constant growth of customer data consumption, this pace of growth is difficult to plan for.

pure talent shortage

Even top brands, located in prime talent geographies can not staff effectively, causing sincere execution pains.

everything, emerging

In addition to traditional technology skills, Telco and Media suffer slowdowns as so much new work is happening in niche, burgeoning tech stacks.

How Topcoder helps comms & media customers

pure talent capacity

Our customers often use Topcoder to build internal tools, attack backlog, do QA, and by doing so, free up their top internal dev talent to focus on mission-critical work.

Rapid experimentation & tech R&D

Tapping a crowd for technical ideation and rapid technical proof-of-concepts allows our customers to move and experiment extremely quickly.

Delivering Innovation

AR/VR, Cloud DVR, Comparison Tools, Cust Serv Experiences, Customer & Employee Portals, IoT Solutions, Mobile, OTT Interfaces, Voice-Based Apps… we deliver.

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