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Competition Types

The Quality Assurance (QA) challenges include: unstructured testing, structured testing, structured test case writing, and automated testing.

Unstructured Testing
Testing without predefined test cases, also known as Bug Hunt.
2-4 Days

Structured Testing
Execute predefined test cases step by step and check if test results are correct.
1-4 Days

Structured Test Case Writing
Write test cases based on prototypes, functional requirements specification, etc.
3-5 Days

Automated Testing
Use automation tool to execute test cases.
3-5 Days

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Tips and Quotes

Check out what some of our members have to say about their experiences on Topcoder!

Studying all the details on the challenges and staying involved in the challenge actively until the end of it is the best way to learn about it and overcome any difficulties in a challenge.

Topcoder member since 2012

Know what you are working on- Better understanding of Business Domain/Application flow. Analyzing In Scope and Out of Scope and Identifying Device/Platform Details. Test from Different Perspective: Layman, Developer, User with 3rd Eye. Always Open for Learning, get into communication, raise your queries in the forum.

Topcoder member since 2016

Get familiar with the products in advance if possible. Prepare the time for challenges.

Topcoder member since 2010

Watch forums: Do remember to click on “Watch forum” link(in Challenge forum on top right corner) to get alerts on challenge related updates/announcements.
Keep trying: Initially(for few challenges) you may feel complex or hard to follow, but keep participating and watch other competitors how they are doing.

Topcoder member since 2017

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