Meet the Board!




I’ve been an active topcoder member for a relatively long time. I started with component design and review and went full time with that in 2005. Since then I’ve done work both as a competitor and more recently as a copilot, starting with the Topcoder UML Tool and one of the first iterations of Cockpit / TC direct. I’ve also helped as a reviewer for a couple TCOs and one of the last TCCC competitions.




I am a software developer with Yandex in St. Petersburg, Russia and a Topcoder Open 2012 and Google Code Jam 2010 champion. I am living with my wife Kate and our two sons, Dmitry and Petr.




I started in topcoder back in 2007 when I was finishing my university studies. I became a good software engineer in school, then with the practice I had with topcoder as a design competitor over the years, I became wiser and more enthusiastic about the community. Most of my professional skills lay on creativity fields for multiple medias, but I have to confess my “vedette” is web and mobile projects (design and development), which is a good thing because I get to mix up creative designs into useful applications. The involvement with topcoder always grows on me.

After several years of competition I decided to dedicate full time to topcoder, becoming a copilot, UX consultant for some internal projects and TCO blogger. It’s been a meaningful experience so far. I’m sure I made a good decision by dedicating this time of my life to this invaluable community.


Data Science Liaison


Since joining topcoder in 2005 I’ve been a true addict of programming competitions. Some of my favorite achievements in the field include creating over 50 marathon, algo and not-so-serious contests, placing in the Topcoder Marathon Record Book, “Consecutive Rating Increases” (still climbing!), being a finalist in Challenge24 contest in 2011 and 2012, blogging about TCO 2010 and 2011 (onsite trip included!) and getting the Cormen Medal 2012 Codeforces Spirit of Community.

At the same time, in the non-competitive world I graduated with honors from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine, spent six years working as a banking software developer and studied at Yandex School of Data Analysis. Two years ago I moved to Seattle area, Washington, USA, to join Microsoft.


Development Liaison


I’d been in the industry for about 12 years, taking up varied roles from being a developer, designer, architect, solution designer, to leading small modules and projects, to handling several large accounts with multiple distributed teams. And then Cloudspokes (now topcoder) gave me a chance to reinvent myself in 2012 and explore my passions again. For the next two years, I topped the charts in several categories including mobile, and design.

I’ve been closely involved as a reviewer and was a member of the Appellete Committee. I’ve been involved as a reviewer on some of the biggest challenge series including Learn Swift. I evangelize topcoder and cutting-edge technologies with a number of published blog posts and at community events/ meetups/ conferences and educational institutions in India.


Design Liaison


After completing a degree in Computer Engineering, followed by years of experience working in web and graphic design, stumbling onto the Topcoder community has proven to be the turning point in all areas of my life. Learning the ropes, the lingo, working with admins and other community members in different time zones, constantly having to re-evaluate my know-how to keep up with rapidly changing global trends, not to mention working against tight deadlines, alongside a number of other talented individuals. I am always delighted to be able to provide my input and any assistance to new and existing members, briefs, or clients.