5 Weeks To Learn Topcoder

    Here at Topcoder Headquarters and around the United States, school is starting back up. Back to school means back to learning, fun, and more! This is also a great opportunity to try new things. We are kicking off a new program called Five Weeks to Learn Topcoder! Over the next five weeks, we’ll be teaching you all about competing at Topcoder. Each week will be dedicated to showing you the ins and outs of our competition tracks. Keep coming back to this page as we will be adding all the great content from these weeks here just in case you miss it. This education series will be September 4 – October 6, 2017.

    Week 1: All About UI Design

    Previously Published Resources to Not Miss

    Week 2: All About UI Prototype

    Week 3: All About Data Science & Competitive Programming

    Previously Published Resources to Not Miss

    Week 4: All About Code

    Week 5: All About First2Finish

    Previously Published Resources to Not Miss

    The best part about this program is it’s being run for the community by community members!