EMC Code Blitz Rules

The EMC Code Blitz will run from 7/1/2015 to 8/31/2015.

What this means is that during this period, members will be ranked based on Total Digital Run (http://community.topcoder.com/dr) Points accumulated per month for all EMC challenges. The top 5 EMC DR point earners per month will be rewarded! Eligible DR points will count for the month when the challenge was launched (meaning, a challenge that launched the previous month, but finishes the following month will be counted for the previous month).

Note: Your Overall TC Digital Run performance and point totals will be unaffected – these are additional bonuses on top of that.
** (something that says payouts can change?)

The more challenges you participate in, the more bonus cash you get the EMC Code Blitz (up to $10,000 in total prizes) – it’s that simple!

The Monthly Code Blitz prizes will be as follows:

  1. $2000
  2. $1500
  3. $700
  4. $500
  5. $300

If there is a tie for a position among the top 5 finishers, the tie will be resolved in the following manner (in order):

  1. The competitor who has the most higher-placed submissions in the month.
  2. If a tie still remains, then the competitor with the highest average individual competition score of the lesser number of competitions used to develop the placement scores for the tied competitors.
  3. If a tie still remains, then the tied competitors will share equally the prize money at hand.

EMC CodeBlitz prize money will be paid at the end of each month within 60 days of announcing the Top Five Monthly winners. Rules and payout amounts are subject to change. Any changes will be announced and will go into effect the following month.

Good Luck!!