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Take some time to learn something new, practice something you’ve always wanted to improve, get more involved with our community…and to just take a deep breath.


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Thinking of you

We are thinking of each and every one of you right now and are actively working to help with this situation in this world. We created this page dedicated to helping you get through this tough time at home amidst this COVID-19 pandemic. Through Topcoder, you can find work and earn money, join webinars to hone your skills, or learn a new skill through our educational center, Thrive.


With 1.5 million members around the globe, Topcoder is home to the world’s largest network of designers, developers, data scientists, and quality assurance engineers.

We work with companies that need to build stuff—whether it’s a web app design, a responsive site, or a predictive algorithm—and post those projects to our platform for the Topcoder community to work on.

Topcoder is also a learning and upskilling platform. Many of our members are new to design or coding. Topcoder offers learning opportunities through webinars from the Topcoder team and from our top members, as well on-the-ground learning through participating on projects to learn a new skill first-hand.

Our model might be a little different from how you normally work or learn, but we think you’ll learn to love it!



If you love designing web and mobile applications or tackling interesting UX problems, the design track is the place for you.

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Topcoder offers a number of challenges where you are able to code solutions and submit ideas within different technologies.

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Are you a perfectionist and always finding functional and visual bugs? You’ll love our QA challenges.

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Do you like to tackle big data problems and solve real problms with large impact?

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Looking for a way to engage at Topcoder? Look no further than Talent as a Service (TaaS). In this model you engage directly with the customer to receive work. It is much closer to a traditional freelancing model where you and the customer work directly together as opposed to working through challenges.


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Thrive is Topcoder’s education and learning center. Members
have access to videos, tutorials, blog posts, articles and more
on everything from getting started on Topcoder to mastering
algorithm challenges.



We are bringing you some webinars starting this month to learn something interesting while you are at home. There are more
topics we are working on like Hierarchy in UI/UX Designing, Cloud Native Apps, Math Problems in Competitive Programming,
Simulated Annealing etc. We will be adding them to the list here.

Probability and Statistics in Competitive Programming

by KaasanErinn

Join in this interesting webinar hosted by a long time Topcoder Admin where she will help you tackle Probability and Statistics Problems in Competitive Programming. She will also be solving some of the best problems on the live webinar.

Status: Completed

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Get Started with Game Development using Cocos Creator

by billsedison

Getting bored sitting at home and playing a lot of online games. Have you ever explored how these games are built? Join our Development Track Evangelist and an Experienced Game Developer billsedison to get you started with Game Development using Cocos Creator.

Status: Completed

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How to Win Data Science Competitions at Topcoder

by banerjeesourish

Learn from the new Data Science sensation on Topcoder on how and what did he do to crack some of the recent Data Science Competitions at Topcoder. He will also be guiding on how you start from being a Beginner Data Scientist to a Topcoder Pro Data Scientist.

Status: Completed

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Get Started with API & Microservices Development

by thomaskranitsas

The microservices architecture product development trend has now become popular as companies are now more Agile and move towards DevOps and continuous testing. To get you started we bring you a hands on session to start your journey with building an API.

Status: Completed

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UX Design Approach with Case Studies from Topcoder Client Projects

by adroc

Time to travel back and explore some of our famous design client projects with our veteran Design Guru adroc and a few design copilots. What unique solutions did the design competitors create to crack those hard design problems.

Status: Completed

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Throwback - 20 years of Topcoder and TCOs

by mikem, mess, adroc, jmpld40

Join the veteran admins who take you through a 20 year old journey - how did Topcoder begin, where did the idea roll out from and what are Topcoder visionary plans for the future.

Date: May 21, 2020 at 10:00 AM UTC-4

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