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  • I submitted a proper, updated resume listing all my recent big projects and applied through Topcoder’s Gig Work portal. The Topcoder team reached out to me with all the necessary details. My Topcoder profile definitely helped me get the gig since we compete on Topcoder at a world level and it pretty much tells everything about your skills and experience.

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    Topcoder member
    since 2017

  • When this program was announced late last year, I was very excited to try it out as the next step in my engagement with Topcoder. I am working on my first gig now and having positive feedback after about two months working as a backend microservices engineer.

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    Topcoder member
    since 2005

  • Topcoder gig work is a blend of the best of both worlds. It gives the flexibility of being a freelancer as well as the security of having a full-time job. Receiving paychecks every week is an added bonus. Hard to think of a reason not to jump on such an opportunity.

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    Topcoder member
    since 2017

  • What I love most about being able to Gig Work, is the opportunity to work with large global companies for real projects for very specific timelines. This allows me to be on top of latest trends and technologies. Besides this the diversity of projects and problems is very challenging and very exciting.

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    Topcoder member
    since 2009

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