Development Resources and Learning

Development Resources and Learning

At Topcoder we are an advocate for your success, which is why we have compiled this list of helpful resources. Here you will find links to some of our blogs which may discuss a specific technology you are looking to get acquainted with, tips and tricks to success in Topcoder challenges, or even links to other sites which we feel developers such as yourself may find interesting. On with the list!

Topcoder Resources

JavaScript Essentials - Part I: Variables and Data TypesAs a JavaScript beginner, it is essential to know the basics of the language. This concept may come in handy for day to day programming in JavaScript
JavaScript Essentials - Part II: Switches, Block Scopes and String MethodsThe second article in a 3-part series about JavaScript. This one focuses on Switches, Block Scopes and String Methods.
JavaScript Essentials - Part III: Template Literals and ArraysThe third article in a 3-part series about JavaScript. This one focuses on Template Listerals and Arrays
Development Workshop w/ AkinwaleJoin Nick as he interviews one of Topcoder’s premier Development competitors, Akinwale, as he discusses How to register and submit to a Code challenge, an explanation of each phase of the challenge timeline, what to ask and what NOT to ask in the challenge forum, and the overall expectations of a Code challenge.
How To Compete On CodeHere is a great resource that shares great tips, tricks, and keys to success if you want to compete on Code challenges at Topcoder!
Mistakes to Avoid in Code ChallengesTopcoder Member, Thomas Kranitsas, went from newbie to development all-star over the course of a year. Find out what he thinks the most common mistakes to avoid when competing on Code challenges.
A How To: UI Prototype Challenges at TopcoderThomas Kranitsas discusses how to organize your submission files for the UI Prototype challenges (aren’t those getting phased out?)
Demystifying the Topcoder Dev TrackJoin 7 year Topcoder member, talesforce, as he breaks down the Development track at Topcoder for
A How To: F2F Challenges at TopcoderThomas Kranitsas gives Topcoders helpful tips about submitting to First to Finish (F2F) challenges
AWS Container Services on Private Subnets TutorialIt’s not uncommon for Topcoder’s clients to ask for apps or assets to be deployed to container services. This blog post gives a quick overview of AWS Container Services on private subnets
Become a Machine Learning Master in 4 Stepsnew jobs like “Data Scientist” and “Machine learning Engineer” are hot and universities are catching up with the demand and offering “Machine Learning 101” and “Data Scientist” courses. Charles Lobo will show you the quickest and best way of getting comfortable with what’s out there so we can dip our toes into this rushing river. It’s an exciting ride so buckle up and hold on!
Amazon Lambda Demo and TutorialIt’s not uncommon for Topcoder’s clients to ask for apps or assets to be deployed to container services. This blog post gives a quick overview of Amazon Lambda and how it interacts with other AWS services.
Interview with the TCO17 FinalistsThe TCO17 Finalists share their secret on how they came to compete on the world stage and much more!
Start Type-ingTypes can be attached to almost any programming construct and help make the programmer’s intent clearer. The main purpose of a type system is to reduce the possibilities of bugs in our programs by defining interfaces between the different parts, and then checking that all the parts have been wired up correctly. Charles Lobo goes into depth on how learning Types can improve your skills as a developer.
The Fun and Interesting Radix SortAt it’s core the idea is simple - all we need to do is treat each element value as a position in an array. Then if we walk the array the elements will be sorted! Sounds simple enough, but click this link for an in depth review on how to use this algorithm.
The 5 Best Resources for Mobile DevelopersMobile app powerhouse hi4sandy shares some of the best tools for mobile developers, for both native and cross-platform apps
Binary Stride - A Variant on Binary SearchIn this blog, we’ll take a look at an iconic staple of computer science algorithms - the trusty binary search and see if it holds any surprises.
Topcoder Development Challenges - Decoding A Reviewer’s MindsetVeteran copilot and reviewer, Talesforce, shares some insights on code challenges from the perspective of the reviewers.
Playing with ProblemsWhen given a problem, you probably want to rush right in and start coding right away, but as this blog shows, you must take your time and break down a problem first, or else you may find that in the end it was all a big waste of time. Charles Lobo explains more in this article.
Playing with Problems IIPart 2 of our blog above.
Learning and Understanding Big-O NotationWe all remember learning Big-O Notation in college but perhaps you vaguely remember it and don’t have a deep understanding about it. Well this article is just for you as it will refresh your memory and show you the importance of knowing Big O when coding.
Generating CombinationsYou should generally only use combinations when there are less than 100 elements. However, this technique can give us confidence because it is simple and we can in essence check every possible solution to be sure we’ve got the best one. Click this link to learn more about Combinations!
Exploring Opportunities Within the Gig EconomyA recent McKinsey study showed that up to 162 million people, or 20-30% of the working-age population in Europe and the United States engage in some form of independent work. Read on to see if the gig economy is right for you.
Competing at Topcoder is Still a Win - Even If You Lose"Is there anything you get besides money when you competing in TC challenges? Yeah… knowledge and experiences that money can’t buy."
5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning C/C++Most of us learned C/C++ as our first programming language but threw them away soon because of the steep curve. However, the basis of many popular technologies like Java, Python, Javascript, Linux is C/C++. Learning C/C++ is helpful for you to dive into popular technologies more deeply. This article reveals 5 reasons why you should keep learning C/C++.
Getting Started with Zeplin in Topcoder Frontend ChallengesZeplin has been more popular in frontend development as well as in Topcoder challenges. Zeplin enables a developer to code faster and efficiently. Want to know more? Here is a good guide for your start.
Blockchain for Beginners: What You Need to KnowBlockchain, one of the hottest technologies in recent years, must have attracted your attention. If you’re not familiar with blockchain technology, the time has come to get acquainted with it.
6 Common Mistakes to Avoid in UI Prototype ChallengesLearn from mistakes is the shortest path to improve. Do you want to win a big cash prize on UI Prototype or any other frontend challenges of Topcoder? Here are 6 common mistakes that you should avoid.

External Resources

InfoQ, a practitioner-driven community news siteThis page provides the recent trends and articles about popular technologies and fields including Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning, Containers, Microservices etc. and almost contains all technologies that can be used on Topcoder. It provides 5 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Brasil, so the language barrier should not a problem.
Facebook Engineering BlogHere you can find great articles, videos, and links to open source code of all popular fields, including Android, iOS, Web, infrastructure systems, VR/AR, Artificial Intelligence. That’s a great place for you to learn new things quickly.
Tutorials PointYou can almost find tutorials for any technologies you want here. It provides tutorials for more than 100 technologies. No matter you want to learn C++, Java, Android/iOS development or backend technologies, you can find a place here. Each tutorial provides a step-by-step guide. What you need to do is just to find one tutorial and follow the steps. That’s a great place for rookies, and most importantly, it’s all free!
W3 SchoolsThis is another good place of tutorials, but it focuses on web technologies. You can learn fundamentals of web technologies here, including HTML, CSS, Javascript etc. All tutorials provide quiz and exams so you can check your learning quickly, and a “Try it Yourself” button helps you to do experiment yourself easily.
Java T PointIt actually provides tutorials more than Java, don’t be confused by its name. You can learn Java, C, C++, C# and other popular technologies here. But for java technologies, this is the best portal.
React Redux Tutorial for Beginners: The Definitive Guide (2018)React is heavily used on Topcoder, Redux is the core of data flow. This is a simplest React Redux tutorial, reveal the Redux fundamentals and essence, much clearer than the official tutorial documentation.