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Welcome to the Topcoder Development Homepage!

This is your one stop shop for all things related to the Development track on Topcoder. On this page you will find a getting started guide, helpful tips and articles, as well as a list of tools that may help you in your challenges.

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If you ever have any questions that are not covered here, check out our Contact Us page and either an admin or another member will guide you forward.

Competition Types

Not all Development challenges are created equal! Some require a sufficient amount of time and thought and in others you may have to develop quick and accurate before your competition ends. Below you can find the descriptions to each type of challenge in our Development track.

Develop code for apps, services, etc. Final fixes are not included
8-10 Days

Be the first to deliver the development solution.
0-3 Days

Challenge Series Spotlight

Poseidon - Member Program

A new, multi-year project, Poseidon, has arrived. Check out all the challenges coming your way and get in now!

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Tips and Quotes

Check out what some of our members have to say about their experiences on Topcoder!

Even if you win a challenge, read the review responses carefully. Not only in your submission but in other submissions as well. This way you will learn what you need to improve. If you lose a challenge but you get a passing score, download the winning submission(s) and see why they were better than yours.

Topcoder member since 2015

Here are my best tips for new Topcoder members: Move fast and fail early, learn from every failure then you will have a rapid improvement, enhance your Computer fundamental skills, keep performance in mind, and winning submissions are always the best tutorials for you.

Topcoder member since 2009

In addition to the tech skills and the cash, at Topcoder you’ll also become stronger mentally by learning how to voluntarily work under pressure in tight deadlines. This is pretty unique and something that you should look forward to experiencing at Topcoder.

Topcoder member since 2015

I have 4 tips for new members: ask questions in forum to make yourself clear on the requirement, remember to check the scorecard before you submit, learn the code and document from the winner submission, and try to compete in challenges to practice your skills.

Topcoder member since 2007

Important Links

We have gathered some links for you that may be helpful to you along your Topcoder journey!

Hackathon Starter Kit

Participating in a hackathon on Topcoder or elsewhere? This is a great kit to help you get started.

Topcoder Review Process

The Topcoder review process helps ensure that materials delivered to our customers are of the highest quality.

Code of Conduct

It’s as simple as respecting each other, that is what makes our community so great!

Topcoder Starter Packs

Node, Ionic, Topcoder API Starter Packs, and more found here!


Every so often we release helpful tutorials that may be of use to you as a developer especially here at Topcoder. Here are a few that you may enjoy!

Tutorial - Coding Best Practices

Coding Best Practices

Competing on F2F challenges means that in most cases you’ll be working based on an existing code base. That means you should follow the existing coding style that’s already used in the application and always follow the coding best practices.

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Tutorial - Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes to Avoid

Starting to compete on Topcoder challenges is not difficult but there are some common mistakes new members tend to make that you should definitely avoid.

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Tutorial - Debugging Process

Debugging Process

Debugging is a must-have skill for every F2F competitor since most F2F challenges require to fix bugs in an existing application.

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