Design Resources and Learning

At Topcoder we are an advocate for your success, which is why we have compiled this list of helpful resources. Here you will find links to some of our blogs which our design members of authored that may include some tips and trick on how to be successful in Topcoder challenges, important things to know, and utilization of different design programs. This is an ever-expanding list, so keep visiting for the latest updates!

Topcoder Resources

Design Tips and Tricks - Design NewslettersDaraK wrote this blog to commerate the 100th design newsletter that was sent out. In this blog she looks back at all of the best design advice that have been published over the years.
Using Marvel at TopcoderBeing a great UI Designer is one thing, but creating a presentation that the client will see first hand is another thing. This blog takes you through how to use Marvel to create an effective presenation for your designs.
10 Useful Design Techniques to Master Visual HierarchyTopcoder Member, eriantoongko, created this blog post to share his journey from not knowing anything about UI Design to being a TCO Finalist. In it, he shares some helpful tips that helped him in his progression to the Designer that he is today.
Guide To ColorsThe most basic thing for new members at Topcoder, to learn and advance with, is color. Surprisingly many of the top designers on Topcoder have no basic skills with color at all when they join.
TypographyTypography is the art of arranging type with the aim to make your design look aesthetically appealing and easy to read. Typography itself is an art and it represents 90% of the design, it helps support your brand and convey your message.
Guide To Pass ScreeningSuccessful people usually say that we can learn a lot more from failures than we can learn from success – seeing failures as those little puzzle pieces that need to happen in order to fit a perfect desired solution.