[topcoder] holds challenges for many areas of graphic design and web and app UI/UX design. Learn how to get started in the Design track and become a successful competitor!

1. Become a Member

New to [topcoder]? Take a moment to read over the guide for new members and then register and confirm your registration.

2. Register for a Design Challenge

View open Design challenges and then register for one that interests you. In order to view and download any supporting documentation for a challenge, you must register for that challenge. In the Design track, registering does not mean you are obligated to compete.

3. Bullet-proof Your Design

Learn about the two most common reasons a submission fails screening (copyright issues and font declaration problems) so that you can create a design that passes screening and gets into the hands of the client.

4. Get Feedback on Your Designs

Most Design challenges have two rounds: Round 1 (checkpoint) and Round 2 (final round). This allows a contest holder to interact with submitters and reward designers who are meeting the requirements half-way through the contest.

You will submit your first design concept during the checkpoint round (Round 1) and the client will give feedback and prize placements to winners of that round. You then submit your revised and finalized design in Round 2 (you don’t have to win a placement in Round 1 to submit to Round 2, you just have to pass screening in Round 1). Read more about this challenge structure here.

5. Get Questions Answered

Each challenge has detailed information within the challenge details that you should follow. If you can’t find your answers there, you can visit that challenge’s dedicated forum and ask questions. Your fellow members, the challenge copilot and the client will do their best to help clarify anything you need. It’s great to ask questions!

6. Submit Your Design

Design challenges require all members to upload both their submission files (the files we display on the [topcoder] site and show the client) and their source files (the files that are transferred to the client only if you win a prize). The upload tool requires you to submit three files (preview image, submission files and source files) so that our system can make galleries and place the files in the appropriate areas.

You’ll also make declarations about fonts you’ve used during the submission process. You can also leave notes about your design here. You can find more information about how to format your submission here.

7. Get Screening Results

All designs go through an initial screening phase. Submissions are screened for correct file types, copyright infringement or cheating. You will receive an email notification about your submission’s status once it’s been screened. Learn more about screening here. Once final screening is completed, the client can review the eligible submissions and make their winner selection(s).

8. Get Paid

In order to get paid, you must submit an IRS tax form. You will also choose how you would like to get paid. All challenge payments are scheduled and posted to your Payments page on [topcoder] within 7 days of winning a challenge. You may then choose to have your payment sent to you. See more about payments here.

Have questions? Check out the Design track FAQs in the Help Center.
Need support? Please send an email to support@topcoder.com
Check out the [topcoder] blog for updates
Visit the General Help section of the Help Center for general information.
Participate in the Design forums (on the legacy site) and asking your fellow members for help