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    Welcome to the Topcoder Design Homepage!

    Welcome to Topcoder Design; a platform that allows up-and-coming designers to step into the spotlight giving them the chance to break into the industry in front of peers, experts in the field, and real world Fortune 500 clients. Compete in all types of design challenges to win prize money and establish your street cred.

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    If you ever have any questions that are not covered here, go ahead and pop your question in the Design Forums and either an admin or another member will guide you.

    Competition Types

    There are many ways to Design on Topcoder. Perhaps you enjoy planning and mocking up a wireframe for an app or prefer designing quickly for a smaller project. There is something for everyone! Below is a list of every type of Design Challenge we run here at Topcoder.

    Web Design
    Design high fidelity user interfaces for web based and responsive experiences.
    5-10 Days

    Produce information architecture documents that map out user experiences through clickable wireframes and documentation.
    7-10 Days

    Design First2Finish
    Be the first to deliver the design solution.
    0-5 Days

    Widget or Mobile Screen Design
    Design high fidelity user interfaces for iOS and Android applications and mobile experiences.
    5-10 Days

    Application Front End Design
    Design high fidelity user interfaces and experiences for desktop based applications.
    6-15 Days

    Design print based assets and/ or marketing collateral
    7-10 Days

    Tips and Quotes

    Check out what some of our members have to say about their experiences on Topcoder!

    Topcoder is the best place to learn from the best of the best designers, also it could help you financially if you are really enthusiastic about learning Interaction design. And you’d have great flexibility to work from anywhere you want. And the best part, you meet like-minded people (Designers) and could make friends for life.

    Topcoder member since 2014

    I learned so many things here. I learned how to read and understood the brief on a deeper level. I’m competing with the best top designers around world. It was pretty amazing.

    Topcoder member since 2014

    Being part of this great community can be considered as an achievement already. I was surprised and inspired when I saw my handle as top 4th performer for Design. My biggest achievement on Topcoder I think are the portfolio and experience I earned working for the biggest names and companies in the world.

    Topcoder member since 2006

    Learn something new everyday. Doesn’t matter if is a design technique, or a new tool/software, or new concepts, just try something new everyday.

    Topcoder member since 2009

    Important Policies

    Obviously participating on Topcoder is not a free-for-all and there are rules and policies put in place so that it creates a fair playing field for all competitors. Please check out the following policies related to the Design Track.

    Font Policy

    Make sure you are using approved fonts!

    Stock Art Policy

    Not all Stock Art are created equally!

    Submit Successfully

    Use this checklist when creating your design submission!

    Help Center

    If you can't find your answer here, check the Help Center!


    Topcoder members love sharing their knowledge with one another. Our blog contains many posts, but here are the top 3 design tutorials written by members just like you!

    Guide To Colors

    The most basic thing for new members at Topcoder, to learn and advance with, is color. Surprisingly many of the top designers on Topcoder have no basic skills with color at all when they join.

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    Typography is the art of arranging type with the aim to make your design look aesthetically appealing and easy to read. Typography itself is an art and it represents 90% of the design, it helps support your brand and convey your message.

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    Guide to Pass Screening

    Successful people usually say that we can learn a lot more from failures than we can learn from success – seeing failures as those little puzzle pieces that need to happen in order to fit a perfect desired solution.

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