Topcoder is the simplest way to access and execute with incredible data science and analytics talent.

We’re connecting customers to leading minds in algorithms, big data, analytics and visualization throughout the world. Through challenges, tasks, and pools of trusted community members, we provide incentives to our community to provide consultation, solutions and extreme value outcomes to our customers.

The crowd can work for you

DS Solutions Content - Crowd-Powered

Crowd-Powered Consulting

Engage us through Crowd-Powered Consulting and bring the crowd into your agile processes, innovation programs, and R&D. Replace or gain the capacity of 10+ MS/PhD caliber data scientists with the Crowd, along with a dedicated team of domain-savvy business analysts and system integration specialists to manage the crowd service.

DS Solutions Content - Order Challenges


Order standalone challenges for Computer Vision, Predictive Analytics, Objective Optimization, and more. From the beginning stages of problem exploration and research to launching POCs and production-ready solutions, find the challenge that suits your need.

DS Solutions Content - DSTaaS

Data Science Talent as a Service

Tap into a pool of community members dedicated to your project. Determine the resources you need, select your community members based on experience, skills, or other criteria, and start assigning tasks and challenges.