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This community is for everyone. Whether you’ve just begun your journey into data science, AI, and analytics or you have been around the block a few times, there’s always more to learn.

Explore below to learn how to get started or take a look at hundreds of past Marathon Matches with interesting problems for practice.

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Our Top 3 tutorials on Marathon Matches written by the community for the community. Click “Learn More” for a list of Data Science tutorials!

Tutorial - Debugging for Marathons

Debugging for Marathons

The objective of this article is not to give a detailed explanation of each and every possibility of the IDE. Instead I will just point the minimum set that I find necessary for competitions.

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Tutorial - Marathon Match Tips

Marathon Match Tips

Marathon Matches (MMs) have a long history back to 2005 when only SRMs existed on Topcoder. It came as an idea from one of our first community members Running Wild to have a ‘week long contests’ for algorithm problems.

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Tutorial - Visualizers


One of the most important tools in a Marathon Match is a visualizer – a program which allows the participant to run their solution locally and to get a visual representation of its performance (without the visual component it’s called a local tester).

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