With Topcoder Datasets you have access to high-quality labeled data, some of which you can’t find anywhere else! We also provide the tools to shape your own data as well. These data sets are intended to help you shape and strengthen algorithmic models and sharpen your data science abilities along the way.

Start by exploring our favorite data sets below to get a better understanding of what they contain and if interested, try pairing them up with your algorithms or others found in Models & Algos.



Satellite Imagery: Since 2017, Topcoder has partnered with SpaceNet to develop computer vision solutions for geospatial imagery. By making these data sets available to the Topcoder community, our hope is that the state of automated feature extraction can be furthered and that important downstream uses of the data, such as humanitarian and disaster response, can be improved.

[DS ANALYTICS - DATASETS PAGE] - Yellowstone - Azure

Yellowstone - RiverNET

Internet of Things: By making the data collected by citizen scientists and IoT devices accessible to the Topcoder community, the RiverNET project hopes to improve their 3 day prediction forecasts of water turbidity and water flow as well as their annual prediction of fish populations and 10 day forecast of fishing activity.

[DS ANALYTICS - DATASETS PAGE] - Atrocity Prevention

Atrocity Prevention

Historical, Geo-Political Data: What if mass atrocities could be predicted and prevented? Our belief is that with a better, data-based understanding of why atrocities occur, lives can be saved. It’s because of this that we wanted to make our datasets around this problem easily accessible and usable to our community beyond any individual competition.


ISS Longeron

4-Dimensional Modeling: The International Space Station has been in orbit above us for over 20 years! Part of what has made this longevity possible has been NASA’s ability to optimize the space station’s operations by modeling various scenarios here on Earth. Here we make the tools and datasets that were used to allow Topcoder to assist NASA with this optimization process.


Precision Medicine

Genetics and Bioinformatics: The fields of genetics and bioinformatics are producing troves of data with enormous value to human health. Topcoder has made datasets associated with our work in this space accessible to allow our community to gain experience with the processes and challenges to working with this type of data.

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