USSOCOM HF Geolocation Algorithm Challenge

Help the USSOCOM create an algorithm that utilizes the High Frequency (HF)
reception capability of the DRT441 Software Defined Radio (SDR) to quickly geolocate a target’s location.

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Good News! Submission Deadline Extended

You can submit on the match till May 27 08:59 UTC -4 !


Help LISH & NASA Tournament Lab to solve this USSOCOM real world problem – how do planes geolocate radio signals on the ground?

Background of the Problem

The USSOCOM PM-JTWS synchronizes acquisition of signals intelligence capabilities across the air, ground and maritime domains. The PM develops and fields interoperable, networked sensors based on open hardware and software architectures to enable the common operating picture and feed data into all-source analysis tools. PM-JTWS is looking to exploit the HF reception capability of the currently fielded DRT4411 SDR that is currently not being utilized for geolocation.

  • The intent is to determine a (RF) transmitter target’s location using the measurements of the (RF) transmitter target’s transmission using the DRT4411 SDR.

  • USSOCOM will provide data collected that is generated by the DRT4411 SDR. Data will be available upon request.

  • Each algorithm will be evaluated for an ability to geolocate fast and accurately by using a scoring metric ….













Are you ready to create algorithms that optimize the geolocation capability of the DRT4411 SDR??