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    Background and Objective

    Bugzilla is a bug tracking system from Mozilla. It is used to develop and maintain hundreds of software products, consisting of thousands of components. As new bugs are submitted into the system, their triaging (categorization by products and software components) becomes time and resource consuming, as many bug reporters are not closely familiar with internal division of software they use into products and component. Thus, members of the Mozilla development team are assigned to be gatekeepers, who categorize and prioritize incoming bugs. This manual bug triaging consumes the time of experienced engineers, which may be spent better, otherwise.

    In this Marathon Match, we will give you real data from the bug tracking system and ask to implement an algorithm for automatic bug triaging. Given the details of a submitted bug, your algorithm will deduce the software component that bug belongs to, and the confidence score of this deduction.


    In a few words: to score your predictions, we’ll sort them by decrease of the confidence score; then we go along the predictions, from the highest to the lowest confidence score, and we sum-up scoring_weights of the bug categories for all correctly categorized bugs, reducing each element of the sum proportionally to the sum of scoring_weights for incorrectly categorized bugs seen so far. Finally, we normalize the result so that 1 000 000 is the maximum possible score, and 750 000 is the threshold to be eligible for a prize.


    Match StartsOctober 5th, 2018
    Match EndsOctober 26th, 2018
    Results AnnouncedTBD


    First Place$8,000
    Second Place$5,000
    Third Place$3,000
    Fourth Place$2,000
    Fifth Place$1,000

    Mozilla Bugzilla Data Science Match

    Are you ready to create an algorithm to deduce the software component a bug belongs to and along with that calculate the confidence score of this deduction and win $19,000?

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