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Challenge Overview

This is the MEDIUM 500 Points Competition

By now you have built the base of the application. It’s time to add more and complete the existing functionality

What do you need to do in this Medium challenge?

In this challenge, 

  • Create a Model-Driven Application for adding new challenges and viewing existing challenges. This application will be used by the copilot.
  • Create Power Automate flow for sending emails.

Model-Driven Application: Create a model-driven application in a solution and canvas application you have created in an easy challenge.

  1. Create a Model-Driven Application named “Topcoder Copilot App”.

  2. Create a table-based view and form page.

  3. Create a canvas app “Welcome Screen” and add the label “Welcome to Topcoder Copilot Application” with font size 50 and make it bold. You can improve the design if you want.

  4. Include this canvas app by adding a custom (preview) page. Make sure that this page is selected when the model-driven application is opened.

Power Automate Flow: Create a Power Automate Cloud Flow in the existing solution. It should be named “Send Email”. 

  • The trigger for the flow is HTTP Request. The payload will be 


  "email": ""


  • Use Gmail for sending email. The email subject will be “Welcome” and its email body will be “Welcome to the Power Automate Application”

  • To test the flow, trigger this HTTP Request from Postman using json payload mentioned above.

Demo Videos:

Submission Deliverables

You must follow this submission folder structure for your scoring:

  • Create a folder with “medium” as the folder name then zip.

  • You are required to screen record a video of all the functionality you built in this challenge. Upload the video on your google drive and share the link in a text file that you will place in the “medium” folder.

  • You are also required to submit all the code you have written for this challenge. Create a “source” folder and put it inside the medium folder.

  • Zip that “medium” folder and submit to the challenge.

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