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Getting Started - 5G Edge Services With Private Edge

Welcome to the AlefEdge & Topcoder Challenge Series!

This challenge series aims to create new opportunities for you to learn and use AlefEdge’s 5G Private Edge. Throughout the series, we will be launching several types of challenges (Educational, Topcoder Skill Builder’s, and Code Challenges) to help learn and succeed with AlefEdge’s platform, SDKs, and APIs. You will get a chance to learn how to create new apps and enhance existing apps that take advantage of the Edge. We also have leaderboards and educational webinars, and of course, great prizes and cool Private Edge & Topcoder t-shirts..

We are kicking things off with an educational challenge focused on introducing and helping you get set up with the 5G Edge API. With AlefEdge, developers can take advantage of Edge benefits like ultra-low latency and ultra-high bandwidth to create apps for things like HD video streaming without downscaling, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and so much more.

Join AlefEdge and the Topcoder community as we look to educate, grow and create knowledge on the Private Edge. Learn all about the Challenge Series - jump in, check things out, and prepare for the follow-up Topcoder Skill Builder Challenges and actual use case Code Challenges!

What is 5G Edge API?

The 5G Edge API is a service to manage the data system used over GSM networks and provides reduced latency by bringing computational capabilities in the network closer to the end-user.

AlefEdge currently provides two APIs, namely:

  • Alef 5G Video Enablement API Usage

Private Edge Video Enablement is an ultra-low latency 5G Edge Video service that developers and media partners can use to upload their high definition and ultra high definition video content and have it served from any edge location of their choice. For a greater understanding of how to use the 5G Video Enablement Service APIs, please read the following document.

  • Alef 5G Video Notifications API Usage

Private Edge Video Notifications is a set of 5G Edge Video APIs that enables developers to upload and run targeted video campaigns on behalf of media agencies and enterprises. These high-definition video campaigns can be run based on user preferences, behaviors, and users’ different attributes. It ensures a seamless experience for the end-users by analyzing their network and internet speed. For a better understanding of how to use the 5G Video Enablement Service APIs, please read the following document.

The 5G Edge APIs can be used for:

  • Uploading media

  • Serving media on a targeted location

  • Run video campaigns

Challenge Prizes

We are awarding 100 uber cool Private Edge & Topcoder T-shirts to the first 100 successful submitters on this challenge.

Starting April 15, 2021, this challenge will run over the next couple of months, to allow members to get started anytime they are ready to jump into the series.

Every week the submissions will be reviewed, scores will be updated and t-shirt winners will be announced in the forums.

Technology Stack

  • Alef 5G Private Edge

Education Challenge Requirements

In this challenge, you will need to follow the steps and create a developer account on AlefEdge.

  • Start here

  • Begin the Sign-Up Process

Once on the Home Page of the Private Edge Developer Portal, there is a horizontal navigation bar present for easy access through the Webpage. Click the "Sign Up" button, the third option, to continue the Workflow.

  • Enter Profile Information

Fill out the data fields provided and upload a profile picture, limited to 2MB, to personalize your Private Edge Developer Portal Space. Once completed, the "Next" button will turn cyan in the bottom right, click to continue. Please note, the Profile Picture is required, and a checkmark will appear once completed.

  • Confirm Account Details

Please ensure all information entered is correct and click the cyan "Next" button in the bottom right corner.

  • Create Account

To finalize account creation, agree to the Alef Acceptable Usage Policy and Alef Privacy Policy by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the respective documents, complete the reCAPTCHA activity and click "Create Account". The account creation workflow will continue via an email to the address entered.

  • Verify Email Address

After completing account creation, an Email will be in the inbox of the address provided. Click the hyperlink to verify the email address and confirm account creation. If the hyperlink is not working, please copy and paste the provided URL into the browser’s URL bar.

  • Set Password

Once the email address has been verified, a page will render in order to set a password. The password must be at least 8 characters in length with 1 capital letter, 1 number, and 1 symbol. Complete the reCAPTCHA activity and click the "Update Password" button and the account creation will be finalized.

  • Explore the Edge!

After a password has been set, a final confirmation email containing the username and API key associated with your account will be present in the inbox of the provided email address. Sign up for a subscription and start exploring the Edge today.

  • Create a Service

In order to create a service, all Developers must first create their Developer Private Edge Portal account. Please go back to section two and follow that workflow if you have not already done so. This workflow will assume the user is logged into and the user is currently on the Developer Private Edge Home Page. Please note the Alef 5G Video Services Product will be used as an example but this process can be replicated for any of Alef’s Products.

  • Select a Product

The create a service workflow will begin from the Private Edge Developer Portal Home Page. From the Home Page, please click "Products" from the Horizontal Navigation Bar. Clicking “Products” will reveal a drop-down please click the Product to be subscribed to. Alternatively, the “+” sign in the “My Services” Box on the Home Page will reveal a Product list. Clicking the Product, you would like to subscribe to will also push the workflow forward.

  • Add a Service Page Navigation

Once the product is selected from the dropdown, the "Overview" page for the selected Product will render. From the “Overview Page”, select “Pricing” from the Vertical Navigation Bar on the left side of the page. If you clicked the “+” button from the Home Page, this step is skipped.


User guide:

Submission Guidelines

Judging Criteria

  • Your submission will be reviewed manually and you will receive a score on the leaderboard based on the submitted screenshot of your signup with AlefEdge.

  • In case you don't see a score, make sure you understand the submission guidelines. You can also discuss in the challenge forum any issues.

Final Submission Guidelines:

After you have completed the steps mentioned above, and successfully signed up,

  • Go:

  • Check: On the left side, you should have at least 1 service added.

  • Check: On the top right, you should have your name on it.

  • Take a screenshot of this page.

  • Zip the screenshot

  • Submit the Zip


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