Pickup and Delivery Problem with Transfer and Time Window Mini Marathon Challenge Part4

Key Information

The challenge is finished.
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Challenge Overview

We have significantly increased the prize money and increased the number of prize slots for up to 10 places.

It may take some time from the end of submission until the final score is determined. Please note that this may extend the time period for submitting reports.

The fourth challenge is a little different from our previous challenges.

  • There are Truck Routes (TRs) and Delivery Routes (DRs), which are different from each other. TRs with the departure time from each Depot are called Truck Schedules (TSs).
  • A packed parcel can be delivered by some trucks. (In other words, a packed parcel can be transferred from the current truck to the next truck during the delivery process.) This means that a DR is composed with one or more TSs. A truck can run on the same road multiple times in a TR.
  • The optimal TSs and DRs that minimize Cost are selected from TS candidates and DR ones (TS and DR candidates) by our solver provided in the challenge.
  • The goal of the challenge is to create new TSs and DRs for some of the original TSs and DRs in order to update the original TS and DR candidates (※). TSs and DRs that are selected from the updated TS and DR candidates are expected to minimize Cost.

※ The updated TS and DR candidates are made in our system by combining newly created TSs and DRs with original TS and DR candidates.

For full specifications, please click here.

The local development environment is here.